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Buyers can't send messages to me

Buyers can’t send messages to me.

These are from 2 different people who placed their orders with me. I reached out for some clarifications both via PMs and the order’s page and there wasn’t an answer for 24+ hours while both people were online.

This morning I heard back from them both saying there is a bug:

I reported the situation to CS yesterday, they said everything was fine, no issues at all.

I have no idea how to make it all work anymore. I’m almost out of time with both orders.

Thanks for sharing the issue here, I didn’t found any issue at Fiverr, sometimes buyers make excuse & share such types of issues with seller, that’s what I already experienced. If the similar case is happening with all buyers then share screenshot with CS & they will exterminate & fix any issue if they found.

These are my regular buyers. I’m confident they’re not “making excuses”.

I reported the case to CS yesterday. Everything looked “fine” on their end.


Hi, there were some issues with messaging system yesterday which are resolved now. I received this from fiverr.

“You may have experienced an issue with our messaging system in the order page yesterday, between 3:30 pm and 12:00 am UTC. As a result, it’s possible that some of your messages may not have been delivered to the seller. We recommend that to be sure your messages were delivered you check your order and resend them if necessary.

We apologize for any inconvenience. This is a very rare occurrence and the issue has now been resolved.”


I also received the same message from Fiverr about the problem with messaging in the order page for the same time range.

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I assume the problem with the messages on the order page is fixed now, but if it happens again, in future you could try using and asking them to use the inbox messaging system (at least temporarily).

edit: though I suppose it might be difficult to know for sure at the time whether there is a problem sending the messages. Maybe if you notice multiple users not responding while online you could say “if there are any problems messaging on the order page, please try using the inbox” or something.


Did you receive an “official” email from fiverr or is it a CS response? I don’t have anything yet but it’s somewhat encouraging they acknowledge the problem and say it’s fixed.

It was an automatic message from Fiverr (official - from “The Fiverr Team”) - it wasn’t from a support ticket or in reply to anything I sent to CS, probably only sent to buyers who have an active order (or had an active order at the date & time range specified).

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Yes, it was an official email from fiverr.