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Buyers chat but doesn't place order


I’m a new seller. I have got many buyers to my inbox through buyer request but none of them placed an order. Most of them were expecting to create an Android app for $20 or big apps for just $200.

Apart from this some buyers with good budgets also communicate when I ask them to place order then they stop answering my messages. I show them my portfolio and offer discounts or low price but all in vain. Please help me what should I do to get orders or how should I communicate so that they place order.

Looking forward to professional advices.
Thank you!


When potential buyer hasn’t the desire to buy your service then you should never contact him because you look like spamy and unprofessional.

I can recommend you to improve your communication skills.


some time it happens don’t worry


But they contact me first or they find my buyer request attractive. And it will be really helpful if you could help me to improve my communication.

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Hi @mehwishdevelops .Feels sad to see your problem. But i think quality works always be paid in handsome amount, they are not cheap or not for the all. So dont be sad be focus on your goal. It help you in a long run i wish. Thanks


Thanks for your motivational reply :blush:


Yes I know that he contacted you first.
On the inbox you should keep the conversation balanced, example: reply message per message.

Show the potential buyer that you have confidence on your skills.

Note: don’t use emojis, I think it’s looks like unprofessional.


When you reply, do you send a standard message or a custom offer?

A custom offer still allows you to send a message outlining how you would approach the task, but it also allows you to specify your fee and completion time. If the buyer likes your offer, they just click on one button and you’ve got the job. Magic.

If you try and exchange too many messages with a potential buyer without doing something decisive, some people just get bored, or they spot communication barriers due to language - or they simply receive a better / quicker offer from another seller.

If you haven’t done so, try replying with a custom offer. It works for me.


Yeah, I don’t use emojis until they start using them.

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Thank you. I have tried it too. In my case, they just ignore it even I mention all the workflow in custom offer. But I will keep trying.