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Buyer's Communication with bad language


Hello there, Firstly, I want to say it is not my complain.
I have a buyer to given me a custom order(no. Order #FO3AF91CD1F4) and completed his work on due time. But his language is not perfect when have completed his work (order now are cancelled). Please give me proper suggestions for this issue.


What do you mean by this?


First of all, your English also is not perfect. I didn’t understand even half from what you described.

And secondly, we are just sellers here and if you need an explanation why the order was cancelled then you need to contact fiverr support.


mariashtelle1, Thanks for connecting and your compliments.


I’m not sure if that’s a language barrier or not. But I’m sorry that wasn’t a “compliment”
Most likely your order got cancelled because your buyer also couldn’t understand you. (The same as I’m struggling with it right now)


mariashtelle1, Buyer getting me reviews(1) before cancelled order. After that he sent a massage which first word "A fraud’. I have to say is it good language? When Buyer’s have a options for unlimited revisions.