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Buyers confusion

I have spent 2 month on fiverr, and experience that, most of my buyer come to me, and we have a mutual discussion, also they will promise to order me, but i won’t just see them online again, maybe for a week, month, also if they come back and i ping them, they won’t reply.
Tell me, what’s wrong, am i not more explanative on my service? Or my gig isn’t good enough?
I need advice plz.

Buyers often contact sellers and say they will come back and order, but they do not. I think they just want to be nice.

Please do not message a buyer because you see them online. They could report you and then you would be in trouble with customer service! :hushed:

You have 3 orders since March. It takes some sellers months or a year to get an order. My advice is to be patient.

In the meantime this may help. :wink:


Thanks Guys for your Word of courage