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Buyers Consistently Ignore FAQ

I have a gig for a patent search. My gig is only $10, so I search for 1 item. 1 item mean one piece, no accessories, and I make that clear in the FAQ and say that if they have accessories to order gig extras or inbox me. Yet, buyers consistently ignore this and place orders asking me to search for their item and their accessory. What do I do? I don’t want buyers thinking they are getting scammed and leaving a bad rating or cancelling, but I also don’t want buyers consistently doing this. The issue is that I have to do the same search process for each accessory as I do for the main product, so it’s basically 2 for the price of one that they’re asking for.

If buyers are not reading your FAQ, move it to your gig description and see if that works. If that doesn’t work, try capitalizing/highlighting/making it bold.

Even if that doesn’t work, try and see if deleting that gig keeps such buyers away. Just kidding. :wink:

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Ok, or should I just have buyers contact me before ordering? A hassle but IDK. Another thing I thought of was having 3 packages but I like to keep my gig simple.

Yes, you could definitely mention that in your gig description (as I have). But, remember, some buyers, even after reading that you’d prefer if they contacted you first before placing the order, may not necessarily do that.

If having 3 packages is going to improve the presentation/clarity of your gig, definitely do that.

Is there a way to include a field where they can enter the number of items/parts they have? I know for some items like in VO you enter the number of words and it calculates the price. Is this an option for legal consulting category?

I’m not sure how it is in the legal consulting category. In my category (proofreading/editing), there’s a field where customers can enter the word count of the document.

Ah, I understand. I wish we could customize our gig more to tailor our needs.