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Buyers contacting and bargaining

For the following gigs, I see people tend to bargain , What to do to save time from bargaining ?

those could be problematic or red flag buyers you might want to steer clear from or buyers who need a little more attention and really good ones.

Our suggestion is to be firm on the price if you don’t’ want the bargain. mention your price is what it is and you cannot lower it. allot of sellers will give into buyer demands because they want the order that bad and are willing to negotiate. it’s really your prerogative, it’s your gig. we’d explain briefly the added value of your gig and it’s affordability and advantages compared to others and the non fiverr market you serve if you serve non fiverr clientele.

try telling the buyer very nicely you will not or cannot NOT start or move forward with their order until the proper upgrades have been paid, be detailed on the cost. provide the potential buyer or buyer the link to your gig and explain nicely how to follow the order instructions or details for your gig. also state to the buyer you will allow enough time to respond prior to cancelling their order. this will allow you weed out the buyers who are trying to game the system or that are forceful. be respectful because it can get ugly quickly. we had a buyer who placed 6 different orders with us and the buyer refused to buy the upgrade and demanded we do the upgrades for free or they’d give a negative rating. as much as we would have done the work if he paid for the upgrades, it wasn’t a relationship worth the time so we went ahead and sent all 6 to cancellation with no effect on our rating. our opinion that buyer wasn’t for us and better off with another seller who was willing to accommodate. it’s frustrating to cancel but you can possibly ward off a potential nightmare.

sometimes buyers misunderstand the gig and price and place an order before fully understanding the gig. to avoid further conflict explain nicely you are happy and willng to cancel the order and issue them the refund if they don’t want the upgrades or they cannot agree to remove the request you don’t offer or they don’t want to pay for.

also be sure in your gig details and extra you are clear and detail to avoid potential confusion with orders as possible.

We recommend walking the buyer through the order instructions to upgrade. a lot of times the buyers don’t understand they can upgrade or how to or forget the cost of upgrades and are willing to do so.

good luck

All good advice from @cornballmktg. I get messages from potential buyers asking for discounts quite frequently. While it’s up to you whether to bargain or offer discounts, if this is something you absolutely do not do, it can also save time to have a canned response that tends to politely put the issue at rest. Mine is:

“Thanks for your interest in my services. Unfortunately, I do not offer lower rates or discounts. All clients pay the same for my services. If you wish to review my rates or place an order, please see my gig page. Thanks.”

can also advertise it on gig page itself?