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Buyers Creating Their Own Terms?

I received an order this morning requesting four 500-word articles, yet the buyer only paid for one. In the order form, they wrote that I needed to send them an extra right away or plan on writing all the articles they requested for the price they paid. Luckily, I read through orders before confirming that I have received them.

I guess the buyer think this “method” will get them free work at some point, except the site doesn’t work that way…


I take it you cancelled the order?

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Just send the deliveries one at a time since they only paid for one.

First, I informed them that they’re “technique” was against the Terms of Service and that they were trying to abuse the system. And yes, I canceled the order because I didn’t wish to work with a buyer like that :slight_smile:


Does the buyers name have a ‘perr’ in it? I had one do exactly the same last week. They paid $40 for a fully SEO article, royalty free images and a 10 - 20 second video promo. That’s the deal my gig package offers. What they sent me in their requirements, however, were details of 5 pages of content they needed writing as well as a video etc.

I said straight away no straight away and the result was that they marked me down for service as advertised and communication. I am pretty sure people know exactly what they are doing in cases like this. I don’t cancel, though, I just deliver the service a buyer has paid for and tell them straight.

I was tempted to do that but I have so much on my plate right now I didn’t feel like prompting a back-and-forth that would last all day (the buyers who are always looking for a “bargain” seem to have never heard the saying, “Time is money”).

Their username had “leeds” in it. Hopefully it’s a secondary account (but probably not). The thought of so many “bargain shoppers” on the platform is an irritating one :slight_smile:

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Indeed, and a lot of them have the very irritating knack of projecting a sense that they are somehow doing you a favor simply by giving you the time of day.

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Their time, not yours, so you shouldn’t waste their time by demanding to be paid the full price for your work. You should just accept whatever they toss your way. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course, I always accept the incredible $5 offers I get for a day’s work with incredible grace and gratitude :joy:

On a side note, it’s sad that many sellers feel they have to take these orders.


That´s terrible! I had a similar situation today. I received a message with project´s description ending with this:

Revisions: Unlimited
Deadline: ASAP

I wasn´t sure if that person was being rude or simply fishing around to see who accepts those terms…

No thank you.


I think those people are some seller who cannot handle their order and then the toss it on others. That is why they want you to get the project done as soon as possible

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