Buyers cutting and running


I had a strange encounter with a buyer the other day, thought I’d share and give everyone a heads-up that this kind of thing is happening.

A buyer contacted me to help move a site from one domain to the other, which is pretty standard stuff when you change web hosts for example. It was a small and fairly simple site so I agreed to do it for 1 gig and they placed an order earlier today. When I had a chance to look through the login information they sent, it was only for the new site - so when I asked them to also send me the login information to the old original site, they let loose a pretty long rant about having to go back and forth with sellers here and how they were frustrated with the site and “idiot sellers”.

I was a little suspicious at this point, so I did a little Google-investigation and turned out the original site was hosted on another seller’s own website, in their “under construction” section. Presumably the place where they keep sites while they’re working on them, to later move to the client’s server upon completion of the order.

So I cancelled the order and sent a message to the other seller that this was happening. Shudder to think of how I’d feel if someone tried to do this with my work!

TL;DR - Buyer had another seller do the bulk of the work, wanted another seller to “export” the work out for cheap while they cancelled the original, more expensive order.


Wow… I wonder how these person sleep at night.