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Buyers, Demand a Revision before Leaving a Bad Review

Contrary to popular perception, us sellers aren’t interested in just taking the money and screwing you. We love money, but we hate bad reviews.

We also hate buyers who instead of asking for a revision, with an explanation of why they didn’t like the work delivered, simply write a negative review. Sometimes a mean spirited review full of personal attacks. This is specially irksome when your buyer follows your instructions to the letter, no matter how insane they were.

The fact is that a lot of what we do is subjective, the widget one client loves, another client hates. Which is why communicating clearly is important. This by the way doesn’t mean providing 3 links and a 5 page document.

You can even request a mutual cancellation (which doesn’t hurt our ratings) and get your money back.

If you’re unsure about a seller, hire three sellers at the same time and see who does the best work. Or get to know your seller by placing a small order before doing a big one that leaves you angry.

Just a thought.

Reply to @kjblynx: Right, if the job was done well, it would be unethical to demand a cancellation. Besides, if you’re hiring t-shirt designers, chances are you need to test your shirts to see which one sells better, so you might need two or three designs anyway.

I didn’t think “demand” is the right word choice here. Demand, by definition means: "a forceful statement in which you say that something must be done or given to you."

You can’t ‘make’ a Seller provide a revision, or two, or five. Some Sellers have very clear policies against these right in their Gig descriptions.

That’s definitely not the way to go about getting issues resolved. Professional, polite and detailed communication is key before delivery at both ends to ensure success. Should a revision occur, a buyer should simply communicate their issues respectfully and request a revision (if the Seller doesn’t already suggest it). Demanding a revision will just create hostility.

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Reply to @thepromogirl: I didn’t use the word “demand” in that context. Besides, Fiverr does allow you to demand a cancellation, either the mutual one or a forced cancellation. I agree that the demand should be polite, but buyers are funny, sometimes polite buyers leave horrible reviews after a revision, sometimes rude buyers leave a positive review.

I don’t know what kind of seller has a policy of no revisions, if you don’t feel like making a revision, you should offer a cancellation. I did not became a TRS by screwing people over with work they didn’t like, and I resent it when someone does it to me.

In the end, if you buy A and get B, that’s a problem.

I am providing unlimited free revisions for buyers coz I am doing graphics. Interests are differ so it is fair to request modifications. I also hate people who leave bad reviews even without contacting me. Most of my gigs are 24hr gigs so when buyer doesn’t provide sufficient information I have to deliver something according to the provided information and I am asking them to request modifications. Unfortunately some buyers just left bad reviews then we need to go for CS or MC(Mutual Cancellation)