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Buyers directly gives academic work and once we cancel them our order completion rate drops

It’s been many times I have faced the issue that buyers specially the new ones directly place the order which sometimes contains academic work like homework etc. As its the policy of Fiverr and every where else that it is prohibited to do this kind of task, so I every time have to cancel the order. As a result, my order completion ratio drops. I once talked with customer support of Fiverr that why I have to suffer from the wrong doing of buyer. But my order completion rate was not restored back.
So, do any of you also face similar situations and do you guyz have any better way how can I avoid my dropping order completion rate.


yeah i face this problematic phase too and mine was bad experience with such direct order
but we cant do anything about it …more than to add " please before giving order contact us in inbox "at your requirement portion
i think so thats works !:slightly_smiling_face:

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@hassan_mughal You do not appear to have any gigs.


I am working with a team in another profile that’s why you found no gig in this.

This happened to me just this week. I did not say anything to the buyer about cancelling other than it was against Fiverr TOS for me to do homework. Then I went to the resolution center and asked to have the order canceled.

I was given several drop down menus to choose answers from for the various questions. When the drop down menu came where I was to choose what the problem was, I chose “fraud.” CS canceled it for me that same day and my stats were not affected. :blush: