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Buyers disappears after delivery


I already have a second order where after i make delivery the customer is gone and does not go online for the second day. They do not close the order, although they saw a sample (with a big watermark) and they said it was good. What to do? One order already automatically closed as complited. The other will be closed tomorrow, but i send delivery again, can it reset the three-day timer?


Deliver the order, they said they like it. After 3 days it gets auto completed but if they change thier mind they can ask for a revision if you offer any, then 14 days later the funds clear.


Ok, thanks
But they still able to leave review after order automatically closed?


Yep, It happens every day with me. But they probably wont write a review, they seem like a lazy buyer. I don’t like lazy buyers, they never respond so it costs 3 days on top of the 14 clearing days, and they usually don’t write reviews.


it happens to everyone on fiverr… try reaching the buyer via inbox and tell him that you’ve delivered the order and you would appreciate if he left a review for your services… then move on to the next buyer.


Same case here, after the order delivery buyer isn’t replaying.


This happened to me the other day–ironically also my second order–and I completely panicked. I contacted customer service and they said that it would automatically complete after three days, so let it run it’s course. The other advice on this thread is good, too–if they want to revise, they still have a short period to do so after the order has been completed before the funds clear. However, it does seem like they’re buyers who come onto fiver and buy things as and when they need it, so they might not be back to collect the delivery for a while after it auto-completes. Fingers crossed it goes down okay for you.