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Buyers do not ask and place order... What to do?

Hi to everyone !
I have this issue.

A buyer place an order that costs less of what he
really wants without asking.

The thing is that if I cancel, is not going to be good for me. (I guess)
and he do not want to buy an extra because has not enough budget

What you do ussually ?


Did you send a quote to his buyer request?
Mutual cancellation may be better. But it might affect your ratings. Try to contact buyer and solve the problem.

Thanks for your coments Andrea,
I did explain this in my post. When contacting him (for a solution like buying an extra) He says
he cant´s because his do not have enough budget.

So, I can either cancel, wich is going to afect my ratings like you said, or I can just tell
him Iam going to give you the work you asked, o you can just work doing
the job gettin lees $ that what this really costs.

That’s really hurts. But you can do nothing except cancel the order. because cancellation is better than risking a negative feedback!

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Well, in my case I negociate a little bit, and we reach an agreement.

But still is not my real price of the service I give.

I do it, because this way I avoid a cancelation, and he feels happy
that I gave him a good price. But this should not be like that (I think)

I wish more clients actually placed an order instead of wasting my time with BS messages.

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Oh really ? and if one client place a 5$ order asking you for something that costs 20$ ?
Are you ok with that psychicbunny ?

Uh that’s why you make it exactly clear what it is that is included in your package?

Of course psychicbunny ! In my gig are the specifications.

No, it shouldn´t be like that.

If it helps, CS do say that cancellation reasons count and they differ between ‘good and bad’ cancellations, the ‘good kind’, which cancelling because a buyer didn´t read the gig description/ordered things your gig doesn´t offer, ordered ‘accidentally’ etc. should obviously belong to, shouldn´t affect your ranking or anything much but is just a metric for your own eyes.

At least that´s what they say :wink: and it would not make much sense either to punish sellers for things that aren´t their fault, so I don´t see much reason to doubt it. I asked Support once because of cancellations like that a customer had ordered the wrong number of gig multiples, asked for a cancellation and then reordered the right number, which still left my rate dropping which I don´t think should be like that either, I’m completely with you there, and I was expressly told that that won´t affect my gig’s ranking.

So make sure you choose a good/suitable reason for your cancellation, there´s not much more than you can do, I fear (apart from of course trying to reason with the buyer and make them buy an extra to get to the real price for what they want you to do, but you are doing that already).

I hope that helps a bit to put your mind at ease somewhat, but I still agree that it shouldn´t be like that. Cancellations like that shouldn´t count in any metrics or they should introduce a ‘Percentage of buyers who don´t read/purposely ignore gig descriptions’ metric. :wink:

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Hi miiila !
Thank you so much for your opinion on this subject, and for your advices !

The thing is that, wich option is the correct to submmit when
you want a cancelation, and you do not want your ratings to be affected ?

These two sound pretty good to me !

  • The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig
  • We couldn’t agree on the price

In my case, I think the first one is the best.
Then, is the option:

-Other (Where you can explain why are you cancelling the order)

But like I said before. This really works fine?, and we can make
sure it is not going to affect our ratings?

Don’t work for free. If a buyer is trying to get something for nothing, he’s likely to be the sort that won’t be happy at the end anyway. I’m not sure what the official word on cancellations is, but I get heaps of buyers who aren’t gifted with basic reading skills ordering irrelevant gigs and those cancellations don’t seem to have an impact.

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Thank you for your opinion thebackpacker !
Yes, Iam totally agree with you.

Yes, of course, then depends of how are you going to do the job, because if you
do not do a nice job thinking you should not put much effort since the client
didn´t pay what it really costs, of course, the buyer can feel unsatisfied with the
final result of the product you delivered.

Then, for me, the better option is to do an excellent job wich involves
more hours and more effort !

I wasn’t suggesting you’d do a bad job. I was suggesting that buyers who are unwilling to pay for services in the first place, will usually continue to be problem buyers no matter what your efforts.

I stick to a rule of not even responding to clients whose first questions are either “Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?” or “This is too much money, can I have a discount?”, they always cause future issues.

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No, no, thebackpacker ! Do not take me wrong, maybe I didn´t explain my self correctly.

I didn´t say that you suggested that in this case we should do a bad job. Not at all !

You didn´t say that, and I didn´t say you did.

I said that I´m completely agree with you, and that once we accept the job (Because we don´t want
the cancelation) we have several options:

1- Is do the job without much effort, and no spending to much time, and the other is
putting much effort, and spending much time to deliver a nice job, wich at the end
is not really worth it for us in some cases.

Great… but the better option is to cancel and not work for free in the first place :wink:

I understand what you are saying thebackpacker, but precisely we were discussing in here
the consequences of cancelling an order since we know that may affect your ratings.

Yes, I responded to that portion previously, I don’t think cancelations have a huge effect unless they’re extremely high volume, I’ve had 6 this week. I get that you’re nervous about your ranking, but where’s the line? When do you stop working for free because you’re scared of canceling orders?

That´s why of this discussion thebackpacker.

Here is the Issue ! What to do… Work for less $ to avoid the cancelation, or just do cancel several
times in such a short time wich it can affect your ratings, and this may be not to good
for a seller.

The first one sounds good to me in your case, yes. And there is always the ‘other’ option (at least there was one when I had to cancel last, wich was quite a while ago, so I can´t be sure, as they like to change things :wink: ) where you get a box to explain the reason if nothing else quite fits. I don´t know if a ‘real person’ is looking at cancellations with ‘other’ as reason though.

I can´t guarantee that it doesn´t have any or at least not much effect, of course, personally I didn´t notice it having any effect. I’m pretty sure though that you will be able to find posts here that say all cancellations affect your ‘standing’. :wink: YMMV, I guess.

The catch is though that there is nothing more I can see that you can do than cancel by choosing a ‘good’ reason if ‘negotiations’ with the buyer don´t work out and you don´t want to do part of the work without being compensated for your time, so you can as well just shrug it off and hope for the best, from my POV, life is too short to worry about things you can´t change ;).

But honestly, seen with Fiverr’s eyes - if a seller cancels orders because they bite off more than they can chew (either just by accepting every order and never setting a limit even if they know they can´t possibly manage to deliver on time, or by promising things in their gigs and then not being able to do it if a customer actually asks them for it and such, which I suppose are labeled as ‘bad’ cancellation reasons) and then have to dupe their=your customer by cancelling then, sure, that might be a behaviour you want to penalise to keep it from happening too often.
But if a buyer orders a gig that, for example, says ‘500 words for $5’ and then want the seller to do 1000 words for $5, or want a seller to do something the seller doesn´t even offer at all in their gig, or order ‘accidentally’ - no reason to penalise a seller for that, beyond letting their lower completion rate serve as a reminder to do anything they can to make everything as clear as possible in their gig descriptions and communication with the clients.

Once I am sure that my gigs or custom offers are clear on everything they offer and my communication is clear as well, I simply refuse to let that rate bother me.