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I have mentioned in my Gig in BOLD to discuss their project with me before placing an order. But some clients just place an order and then when we discuss they are like please refund and all that. Now, after this type of cancellation, as far as I know, the rating get affected, right?

Fiverr should seriously take action upon it. Something like, buyer place an order and it should be our option that we are happy to take on this order or not.

What you guys think? I am facing this kind of issue right now, a client placed an order in Sep, I had to cancel then in Nov, he placed again, I was like “We have already discussed and I can’t offer you such cheap rates for a professional work”, again cancelled. Now, he has placed an order again. Now, I am like… iykwim.

Thank you!


I know what you mean. Your only option is a cancellation. When an order is placed we should be able to have a conversation with the client and then either accept or reject the order. Most folks here are selling services and not product so the sale is never transaction-al in nature. in real life, a contractor gives the customer a proposal and then as a customer you accept or reject the bid before entering into a contract. The customer never sends a contractor a order saying, for instance “redesign my house for $5”, that obligates the contractor in any way. Not even to honor such a ridiculous request with a reply.

The other practice that is rampant here is when the buyer “seems” to buy your cheapest gig and then wants all this extra stuff before delivery. You know they are holding the review over your head. You can politely refuse or just ask for the additional funds. I have had it work better when I just point out that what they want is listed as a gig extra or part of a premium gig. Most will pay the extra if they really need it. I have also given the extra to a new customer for free, with the one time caveat that it is because they are a new customer.


I think we need the possibility to activate an option, that, when a buyer clicks the order-button, they´ll first get a popup, in which the seller put things like you have bolded in your gig description, and that they have to click an ‘I read and accept this’, before they can continue and actually click the order-button. And when they did that, and still there will be trouble because they clearly didn´t read it/followed those ‘instructions’, it´s on fiverr to take the seller’s side with all consequences like cancelling without it affecting the seller’s rating, removing a bad feedback etc.


I agree with both of you. We can definitely cancel the order but it actually affect the seller’s rating. @miiila you are right on this. Fiverr SHOULD at-least implement this or this kind of feature to be able to pick our (seller) side. But apparently, I had to cancel another order again today and THAT client has placed the order THRICE and gave me references of cheap websites. I wonder why he just don’t avail those cheap offers and leave me alone. Ugh!

I had to clearly mention that he can go ahead with those requests. I replied in a professional way however I was so … iykwim again :stuck_out_tongue:


From my experience, about 80% of buyers aren’t the brightest, so it is a risk asking them to wander outside the usual click click purchase model that a majority of sellers seem to have… I don’t see a way of avoiding it unless you implement clear pricing and the ability to order exactly what you see.

I mean I"m not an expertise in your service area, but I checked out your gig, and perhaps you could price based on how big the contact list is? like say 100, 500, 1000+ increments or something?


Very good idea!


You need to specify EXACTLY what you offer for $5.
What you have now will most likely be referred to as a “bait and switch” technique. You have a gig that says you will do x,y,z for $5 but then you don’t do it for that price.
The problem you are having is your own fault. Either introduce packages and start with a higher price or put in a description of what you will actually do for $5 and what other things you offer for more money. It is not unreasonable for a buyer to expect you to deliver 30+ contacts (as shown in your gig image) for $5.


I’ve started putting disclaimers in my mandatory gig requirements. Things like “Failure to provide appropriate and complete information for gig fulfillment will result in delivery of a random short story. By ordering this gig, you agree to these terms. If you have questions, press the back button on your browser and contact me.”

I might put a mandatory question that’s like “I’ve read the ToS of this gig” and only have a yes option. Fiverr holds us to what our gig states, right? Well, it should hold the buyer, too!