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Buyers, don't do this

Some buyers are really acting like if they were talking to their friend, It’s really bothering me because it sounds like a real lack of professionalism and that I have to deal with a thug unable to communicate.
I instant block, it’s like people who just say “hi” and who never reply again, really, what’s their problem ? It’s not that hard to communicate a project, comon…


I would have given one, ONE, more strike, but this isn’t baseball and yeah, gotta trust that sense of ‘off’!

(You missed blocking their username in one spot. I can DM you with the location if you need. Glanced at their reviews of other sellers. They seem SUPER informal. “sick man cool”)

I think that might come with the type of customer that type of gig would attract though?


Ah yes, my bad, I saw he had a lot of 5 stars on his profile but for real, at the moment he wrote “sup” I was done already, I “gave him a chance” and expected he would write something constructive but I gave up, I hate this vocabulary when it’s from people I don’t know and talk to me for the first time.

I do mostly gaming video editing/motion designing for streamers and youtubers, all my previous buyers started their messages by “hello, I’m interested for long term video editing blablabla” so his message hasn’t to be different.


I think people should be themselves. Fiverr to you and me is a professional place of work, to others it isn’t, it’s a more casual environment. When I get messages like that I keep to my own way of working and speaking and sometimes they change to that, other times they keep acting the same way. It’s up to you who you work with but their money is worth as much as anyone else’s.

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I mean, I’m not looking for people who will speak like an “enterprise robot” but to me someone talking like “yo man wassup”, I have basicly trust problems, so it doesn’t inspire trust at all.
There is a minimum effort of communication to provide especially in a business market place.

I can’t stand that approach. Buyers need to understand that if they can’t demonstrate a basic grasp of communication, then I’m unlikely to want to work with them. It doesn’t bode well for communicating the intricacies of a project or resolving issues. I’d also block them - just like you have done.

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People don’t need to extremely formal, but these kinds of customers make me wary. Something tells me they are the kinds of customers who would cause lots of troubles and ask for extra work, only to give a poor review with no explanation

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