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Buyers don't know they are leaving a review, they think they are messaging me


With the new format for leaving feedback it appears to buyers they are sending me a final message after I deliver an order, when they are actually leaving a review.

They see the place to put the stars and then a box to write a message in and they usually just say Thank you. They don’t know it’s their review.

Between that, and the question they first see upon placing an order that says on the order page: What industry does this relate to? they are a little confused.


I agree that this is confusing. I´d like to see something like

‘By default, your 5-star-review will show up in your seller’s profile as ‘Outstanding work!’. If you want to leave a more personal review, please use this box.’

’(This is an automated question from Fiverr, for statistical purposes.)’ for the industry-question.


Yeah you are right. Happens a lot. They even ask for an extra revision( if the revisions are limited) as well in the review.


I hope none ever mention something personal there, my gigs involve personal issues sometimes. If they do it will be there in perpetuity.


But they won´t mind in 100 years :wink:
Or you could ask the person who broke all the search links to break the box-part of the reviews too, so that all that will be left will be pretty stars.


Yeah, same thing here. I guess it was better before.