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Buyers don't receive my messages.. bug?


I’ve joined Fiverr one month ago and in my first two weeks, I’ve sent and received messages via Buyer Requests section as normal; people didn’t buy my gigs but when approached, some of them, at least responded back to my offer. In the last two weeks, i didn’t received anything from the buyers. It seems my sent messages don’t arrive at their destinations. I send 10 offers daily and no conversation in my notification inbox. Have tested it with those “weird” buyers without offers (0 offer)… no result.
100+ offers in two weeks and 0% response rate! That’s weird!


Have you considered the fact that no one is interested? The buyer request is no predictable, sending an offer doesn’t guarantee anything. You need to come up with a new strategy


I read carrefully their requests and always create individual offers (no templates). I even offer ideas for free.


Again, maybe those buyers aren’t interested, or, perhaps they chose to go with an offer that another seller sent them. Don’t expect to be successful on Fiverr by only relying on Buyer Requests for all of your sales. Be a better businessman than that. Market and promote outside of Fiverr. Use social media. Reach out to your target audience. If you aren’t going to treat your gigs/services like a business, you’re probably not going to get too far.

Promote. Promote. Promote.


Are the logo designs created by you?

Your portfolio #4 of 4 has around (24 designs). All of those done by you?

I’ve unsuccessfully tried to get logos done over a dozen times and have given up. I’ve spent too much money (as in several hundred) and time.

I tried B R and hired around 6 different sellers.

You want to be hired, you need to stand out among 30+ other sellers bidding.



Oh dear - those logos aren’t yours, are they?


Another bug in the system. I find new issues just about every time I log on to the desktop site. I hope they get a grip of it soon.