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Buyers don't respect rates - help!

I’ve been doing voiceover for about 3 years now, so I’m not a rookie anymore. Naturally, I’ve increased my rates over time, as my experience has broadened and my equipment has been upgraded. But I keep running into buyers on Fiverr who beg me to give them discounts. One common excuse is that “there will be repeat business.” But why would I want repeat business at less than half my rate? Especially because Fiverr takes a cut, I can’t afford to work for less than the rates I’ve chosen. Some buyers just don’t seem to back down, whereas I have plenty of clients who are willing to pay more for higher quality work. How can we handle this situation? Is there a way Fiverr can better educate buyers so that they don’t expect 70% discounts?


I understand how you feel. Especially with the sellers that offer long term work. I have found something that helps me in that situation and might help you too.

I created a ‘quick response’ that has a small blurb about how I offer discounts to repeat buyers and that I would be happy to offer a discount to them as well after they have placed some orders. I just make sure that they know they pay full price first, and we’ll talk discount later. This has helped weed out a lot of the discount chasers for me.


I usually tell them that giving a discount would be unprofessional and unfair to all of my repeat customers who pay the full price every time.


Easy, you tell the buyers “no.”

Some clients are cheap. They probably have always been cheap. They will always be cheap. They come here because they think they can get 500$ worth of crap done for 5$.

There isn’t much you can do about that. Fiverr advertises itself as a cheap source of quality work.


Some buyers are really very cheap & break commitment

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Just say no, and enforce your decision. Buyers cannot force you to do something that you do not offer within your gig service/terms. Let your no be no.


Thanks, all. I will continue to stand up for myself. :slight_smile:

Buyers get only what you’re willing to give. Just say NO, end of story.