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Buyers don't trust new sellers like me!

Hi there,

I’m new to Fiverr. But facing some problem while trying to get orders.

Buyers only trust old sellers. That’s a problem for a newbie like me.

I also want to be old seller. But without getting order how can I be!!

Check my GIGs here… And please let me know if you can see any problem on my GIGs.

Kind Regards!


Hi Khaled. Even longterm sellers were new sellers once with no level and no feedback. Everyone starts from nothing on Fiverr. The issue that many new sellers are facing though is that there appears to have been a sudden rush of people signing up to Fiverr. As a result buyers have a massive choice of sellers to work with. For example if I wanted to buy a $5 logo design service, I could choose from literally thousands of people to work with. Thousands of people offering the same service.


@english_voice you are right

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YAH, YOU ARE RIGHT. :cupid: :cupid: :cupid: But don’t worry, keep patience and you will be started. Don’t lose your confidence, it happens with all new member not only you, wish your better success

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Yah, it also happened but not fair think so :writing_hand: :writing_hand: :writing_hand:

Yes , I agree.
What do think about gig marketing ? Like Paid marketing ( Fb advertisement / Google ads ).


Your opening is correct.
But it is universal truth that Everybody who are experienced and oldest in Fiverr, once upon a time they were new. Everybody had started as new seller. This process will be continue and many new seller will come in future on this platform.
Many buyers does not trust new sellers, But many buyers exist who gives order to new seller.

So don’t be disappointed. Go ahead and try to get some orders compare lower budget . Make your strong and possibly much portfolio. If possible make few sample instantly of buyer’s work and show them. By this process, buyers will trust you.
I hope you understand and you will get order soon.