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Buyers Dreaming Up Their Own Due Dates

I have to wonder if buyers even realize the due dates when they purchase gigs. They all just seem to expect the work within a few days.

There are alot of them like that. Buyers are expecting to be always first in line… And they think there is only their order to make, nothing else.

Same story with modifications. They expect it NOW.

Are they flat-out saying they need it on a certain date? Or do they just come back a few days later and ask why you haven’t delivered yet? In the first situation, I usually just tell them my turnaround time and ask if they’re alright with my schedule or if they’d prefer to cancel and find someone else. I usually do the same in the second situation, with a note that my gig’s delivery timeline is clearly posted on every gig, and if they need something immediately, there’s an extra for that.

Yes, buyer do see the dates, however I think that some buyers may see someone has no orders pending and wonder why it takes the maximum amount of time. that’s just one reason buyers might ask for it early.

Reply to @sincere18: agreed

I agree with @arty182925 about buyers expecting to always be first in line. I had a buyer yesterday that ordered a gig of mine that is already offered with a 24-hour turnaround, and she kept bothering me every hour with “I hope you started on the order already I am waiting.” I was tempted to cancel tbh. %-(

Reply to @mariaameen: Not so long ago I had that issue. Every hour buyer wanted for update. And he didn’t ordered extra fast gig, just a 5$ gig.

I made order in less then 24 hours even my gigs are on 2 days. Buyer complained that he wants this and that on it. I didn’t want to bother with him anymore and just cancelled order.

It is really annoying when buyers wants update almost every second of it. Like we don’t have anything else to do.

Reply to @arty182925: I think the word is ‘slave’ :slight_smile: for $5.

Reply to @kay2809: so true… Also, usually buyers that order only 5$ gig are acting like that.

Reply to @arty182925: Yes. People who order bigger orders understand this. I always add 1-2 extra days to the delivery time ask in case something happens.

And they are very happy when I deliver before the given time and leave awesome reviews about speed.

I don’t offer 1 day delivery on the programming gigs. No matter what. It would be nightmare.

If the job is small enough to be completed in a short time, I let them know about that. But some people insist on priority service for $5.

I’ve had a lot of buyers expect fast turnaround times or seem anxious after a few days, even when I clearly have a long queue and a long posted delivery time. Sometimes it seems like these buyers just like to be in touch. When you respond and assure them that you’ll get to their order, they’re perfectly happy. They just want to make sure I haven’t disappeared with their money, which makes perfect sense.

I would love it if Fiverr could make the delivery time a bit more obvious. It would be nice to make it more prominent on the gig page or even include a clock similar to the seller’s one on the order page. It might also be helpful to display the delivery time as “will be completed within x” rather than describing it as an average, which really isn’t accurate.

As @mhwoolz stated, often times I think the problem is simply the way Fiverr presents the information.

When a customer see's "Average" they assume it is, indeed, an average. Some orders delivered before, some orders delivered after. Why wouldn't they ask what the expected date is?

But alas, that's not at all accurate. There's nothing "Average" about it. Because as a seller, we know, that the number of days is a deadline, not some calculated average. I'd be willing to bet that at some point, Fiverr had planned on actually calculating an average delivery time and strayed away from it.

If Fiverr just changed the verbiage to something like "Your seller will deliver this order in XX Days" that would be better than stating some non-existent average. Better yet, an easy tweak is to add the number of days to the existing date. So on your gig Fiverr would note... "Order now and get this order delivered by X Date."

This would eliminate so many of my emails and help manage expectations.

My 2 cents.

Reply to @mariaameen: I wonder whether buyers like this would give you a lower rating, just because they felt like the order wasn’t delivered as fast as they wanted.

Reply to @mariaameen: what did you write back to her? Did you write back the first time and simply say, yes, the order will be ready by the deadline of 24 hours from when you placed the order. I will contact you then to deliver the work. Thank you very much, enjoy the rest of your day.

Reply to @digilancer99: I was paranoid that she would end up leaving me a low rating, but strangely enough after all the persistence, once I delivered she went silent, giving no indication of her level of satisfaction.

Reply to @sincere18: I always write back to every single buyer (new or repeat) to thank them for their order, state that their request has been acknowledged and that the suggestions would be delivered within 24 hours, wishing them a great day/night.

Reply to @mariaameen: Good to hear!