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Buyers estimated thinking when seeing a gig

Hello everyone…
Have been trying to see why a buyer doesn’t actually buy from specific gigs and now I came to realize it might be all about a sellers bagde…This is more than frustrating because most buyers won’t want to order from a seller who isn’t rated yet…Now the question goes "how would a seller get rated or even have a badge when he or she haven’t made any sale?.
Buyers sees someone who is a new seller has “he has nothing to offer” though there are some buyers who are interested in new faces and I hope they get to order from me:sweat_smile: And we always have lots to offer I hope they get my message and sellers who have interest in ordering…Thank you


I think you’re mixing things up. First you said:

And after you blamed the badge, you then blamed the reviews or lack thereof:

Here’s some food for thought: there are buyers for every level / type of badge, trust me. How do I know this? Well, how do you think new sellers have become Level 1, and Level 1 sellers have become Level 2, then ultimately have become TRS?

It’s because they had buyers who ordered from them at every level / badge :wink:

I shall remind you that every single one of us have started with 0 reviews & no badge, nothing. So I’ve just invalidated all your theories :slight_smile:

Conclusion: it’s not about the badge or the reviews: it’s about offer, demand, creativity / originality. If your offer attracts people through its creativity, originality & high demand, they will buy from you no matter what badge or review count you have, end of story.


I said it might be the badge issue or the reviews…my point is some buyers would not want to and again competition have been growing from time to time so the competition you had when u joined fiverr might not be as high as today’s competition

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Or there may have been more competition several years ago - who knows. :wink:

But, yes, it’s a good excuse to make if you’re not doing so well I suppose, instead of reading the forum and making use of all the excellent information on here - it’s just easier to moan and blame everybody else really! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol blame??? Of course not am just saying what we new sellers are going through am not blaming anybody and whoever is not trying all his best to get sales won’t have things go well for him or her definitely not me:sunglasses:

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I don’t chime in here much anymore, but I can tell you that in the 4 years I’ve been with Fiverr, competition has always been extremely high. I joined in September 2013 and didn’t get my first order until 2014. I wasn’t real smart in marketing, I’m still not, but things did eventually grow, albeit slowly. I am just now, 4 years later, starting to realize how deficient my self-marketing skills are. It’s a skill-set I’m really focusing on, because it’s so important for any business to succeed.

There a good video on youtube called “Tony Robbins - How to overcome failure” that’s chock full of great tips. I’d recommend all Fiverr sellers check it out who are wanting some direction on improving their business. I think it applies to this post particularly well. One big thing he hits on is why we fail and what “true” resources are for success. Give it a look-see.