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Buyers expect you to know what they want!

i hate it when buyers just contact you and say can u make me a logo? i ask them the details they give me the name and what its about no details not even colorscheme! and whats even worse is sometimes they put in an order please make me a nice banner thanks and never reply it pisses me off alot do u get the same and how do i deal with them?


Frankly, I think buyers should be required to fill in the requirement before placing order to minimize such things.

On custom offer, where an agreement or understanding has been reached, the seller should be able to mark order - not required, or something to that effect.


the thing is they fill it with like @i want a logo @ not much info there

Most people have never ordered a logo before and have no concept of the process.
I think it is up to sellers to really make it clear what kind of info is required by supplying detailed requirements.
The same could be said for other gigs too of course.


the problem is il tell them i need colorscheme style etc and they just say i dont know do what u want and then when i do they have problems with it

When I worked in retail, I used to tell staff that they needed to EXTRACT the information from customers, like a doctor drawing blood with a syringe. People, for some reason, are often very coy with their answers and don’t want to give too much info for whatever reason. Of course it is frustrating and it would be nice if they would just give a list of requirements to follow but it just doesn’t happen. Develop a series of questions to get the basics from them, then follow that up with further questions to get specifics from them. That’s a lot of work for a small order but at least it should cut down on revisions and problems.


I see 2 possible ways to solve it:

  1. Politely turn down buyers who don’t know what they want.

  2. Offer them a consultation gig first, and keep discussing with them what they want until they decide (while charging them for your time).


The secret here is rock solid requirements gathering. Make sure you have detailed, mandatory requirements questions in place that are very clearly worded. Provide examples if needed.

It will make your job much easier, and it also means you can go back to the buyer and request a higher fee if the requirements are not correct. Fiverr even adds this note at the end of the requirements: “The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete. The buyer is aware that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs.”


They always presume

Are you going on a comment spree of some kind? @expertpeople

Also, why are you just restating what the title stated?


What i understood i wrote there

Here’s a list of my requirement samples:

  1. Please explain the purpose, intended audience and destination of this gig.
  2. Please provide two examples.
  3. Please send two images of yourself with a newspaper of today’s date.
  4. Please detail the exact focal point of this gig.
  5. Please explain your thoughts on utilitarianism and your own identity of self.
  6. Please check for milk. I don’t do business with people who run low on milk.
  7. Please put your right foot in, then out, then in again. Please shake it all about.

This concludes my requirements for starting a gig.


Anyways indeed. I guess I just can’t appreciate the art of rehashing the obvious. It’s a subtle thing, just like a piano in the sky.

More thread-relevant: For my short story gig, I once had someone put in “fantasy” for my “What’s the mood/tone of this story?” question. Some people just don’t understand gig requirements.

I’ve yet to face the dreaded situation where the buyer tells you “do whatever you want” with their prompt, only to come back and bash you for not doing what they wanted. It’s probably only going a matter of time with a fiction-writing gig though.

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I like them to do the whole dance. It’s the only way to be sure.

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yes it gets pretty furstrating no matter what i literally force them and they still dont say it XD

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It’s like that with pretty much any kind of writing. “Just be creative!” “No, not like that!” “No, not like that, either!” “You’re the expert, you’re supposed to know what to do!”


yep that is pretty spot on it goes with graphic designing aswell