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Buyers experience

Hello fiverr.
I wanted to share my small experience with buyers, with you all and maybe if you had something similar, you could give me some advice.
There are so many buyers that are asking sample from my work, and when I send them, they are not even trying to send you message to tell you if they like it or not. It`s just not fair.
Maybe they are asking many fiverr sellers for example of their work and once they get them, they will collect enough for them or their business and not pay a cent. Just not fair.

Sorry if topic like this already exists. I searched but I didn`t see one.
Thank you.

I hope you put watermark on your samples before send it?


That’s how they are. They either like it and will order from you or they may not like it or may not be ready to order. You can’t expect anything from them once you send the sample and need to be prepared to never hear from them.

They probably are getting samples from many sellers to see if they like them or not.


Can you put them on Word document?
I messed it up, do I? :frowning:

Ah, its writing work… These anything for protect it? Maybe make screen of half work, i dont know, sorry. Thought about design work… So, then it’s like misscrystal said.

Here you can see how to apply watermarks on Word documents:


Thank you very much. This is really helpful.

So, i helped you without help :grinning: bait for “word watermark” answer

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This is a problem for a lot of sellers. It happened to me a lot. Watermarks are ok, but the buyer can still copy your sample. I recommend not providing free samples. If your gig page has sufficient samples, you can let your buyer know that they can order a $5 gig from you to see your writing style. Again, this is if they did not find your public samples as enough evidence of your style.

I hate to say it, but most of them are looking for free work. They may also being scamming you out of free work. These scammers target new sellers.

Here is a copy of what @newsmike has shared on the forum (This is my edited version) : “Hi, Unfortunately, I cannot offer free samples. This is because the amount of time it takes to record a sample is equivalent to recording a 100 word voice over. There are varied samples of my work on my gig page which will give you a very good idea of how it will sound. If you still require a sample prior to ordering an entire job, I suggest you select a basic $5 gig to hear exactly what it will sound like. Thanks!


This is especially hard for writers. Even if you use a text watermark, anyone can still type out the contents.
You just have to hope that no one uses it.

I guess this would be right way to do it for me and those like me who are writing.
I never thought of this is gold and I will surely use it.
Thank you very much.

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