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Why buyer’s feedback doesn’t appear on my gig?

Not all buyers leave feedback, it’s normal.

Hmm. Ok. thanks for explaining

Reply to @sincere18:
But, He left me a feedback. It is on my order page, but not showing in related gig page. :frowning:
Please explain me

Reply to @sonduru: Was the order canceled after the feedback showed up on your order page? Does the buyer still have an active Fiverr profile?

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Yes dear, He is active. I earned $5 for this order

Reply to @sonduru: I would prefer that you do not address me as “dear.” One other question, was it a custom order? If so, some custom orders do not link to a gig and might not show up. I don’t see any sales or reviews on the two gigs you have on your professional.

Your country appears incorrectly listed as “United States” too, so perhaps there is a general problem with your account. Do you have more than one account?

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Yes, It is a custom order. i am new to fiverr. I joined this month. So I had only 1 order so far. Please help me to improve

Reply to @sonduru: Maybe the buyer just left you feedback in the form of a private message, not to go on your page.

Reply to @sonduru: here is your problem…on your logo gig you need real samples. YOu do not have any. They are all saying Fiverr and not real. If you have real experience as a designer, you must have some work that you designed professionally. Ask those clients if you can use their logo for advertising your work first though.

If you want to know how to improv, go search for other sellers selling the same type of gig you have and look at high rated sellers to see how your gig compares and get some new ideas.

Also, in your profile you say that you do animation videos but I do not see a gig for that.

Reply to @sonduru: I imagine that the custom order is related to the problem. Since your gigs don’t show any sales at all, maybe the custom order wasn’t connected to one of them. What kind of gig was the custom one? You could submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask. They can also change the country shown on the profile as needed.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Custom order was creating a logo. Is there a problem with my country showing in the profile?

Reply to @sonduru: Since @sincere18 noticed you mentioned video I thought perhaps the feedback was on a custom quote linked with a gig you have deleted. Since it’s apparently not that either you should probably go with a ticket to CS. The reason I mentioned the country was that if a proxy was used to set the country, it’s possible that could create other problems. I’ve seen it mentioned but it may not be applicable.

I have seen a lot of issues and answers here and there so I hoped to find your answer, but unless it’s an account issue or caused by the custom order, I’m out of ideas.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
Can I set my country as my preferenece?

Reply to @sonduru: Your country should be set to the one you live in. Otherwise it could makes buyers think you are dishonest which is definitely not good.

Also, if you ever need help from Customer Service for an issue with your revenues, they need to be sure you are the owner of the account. If your ID doesn’t match your profile you could lose funds. So, I can’t recommend just going by preference.

Reply to @fonthaunt:
hmm. Thank you for explaining

Reply to @sonduru: You are welcome. I hope you get your feedback fixed.You’ll probably get more reviews soon anyway!