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Buyers file unethical disputes to cancel order

Hi there,

I have faced twice this matter. My buyers ( mostly who created accounts recently) file disputes to cancel order once I delivered the good quality work after 6-7 times revision…

How can we act to protect our positive review from these kind of buyers???

Please HELP !



You can’t. You should always refuse to allow them to cancel as long as you know you did the work.


I kept declining such disputes but finally the buyer left a 1 star and it reduced my responsiveness level, which is so important to me to reach to a level 2.

Can we decline the dispute and ask for extra to do the job as he/she wanted

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They won’t pay extra. They are scamming. I’m so glad you refused to cancel. You will get to level 2 eventually.

Hopefully you did the job as they wanted the first time if that’s what they told you.


I make it a habit to not offer revisions. In your gig you can set it up to offer “zero revisions” In your profile make it clear you don’t offer revisions either.

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You don’t have any reviews…

It will be not visible to you, i request fiverr to remove his negative feedback sending them screenshots of buyers disrespectful replies. but it shows to to me with 1 star

Did customer support remove the bad review?

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yes they have sent me a mail saying they have removed, but they also warned that if I get another my gig will be removed

Now I did even 7 revisions he has decline my dispute to charge extra 5 $ for all revisond made after 6 th time. Fiverr must pay attention about these types of buyers.

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If he left you bad feedback why are you still working for him? Block him!



As @misscrystal said, you have no reviews. :roll_eyes:

Can you please explain this more in detail?

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Now the second buyer is still filing disputes. But I declined twice. Will it cause me harm ?

Yes. it will cause warnings on your profile, If the buyer complaint on Fiverr support. Fiverr support give first preference to the buyers only.

this is the second time, but it is not so fair for the seller right? sellers even dedicate 1$ from each earning to seller, Please kindly explain me this.

Yeahh…it’s not right But we can’t do anything rather than except it or leave it to here

So I just made a dispute on him saying he requested additional work other than the order.And the buyer has mentioned one of his comment " I think we are so close to work now" , so I have screenshot this and sent to the FIVERR customer care. With all my heart I know I did my best for the buyer, so why should I be hesitate to ask for justice?

I think I have made the mistake initially when making gig. I must not add a revision at all. only add a revision for extra 5$. So that only serious buyer will ask for the service.

He is clever enough to not to message me in chat and only in the inbox of the can I block him now?