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Buyers: Fiverr sellers are not robots

This is just a rant, but I am annoyed, to say the least.

I get an order yesterday - sometime around 4 p.m. At this time, I am spending time with my family at the mall - away from my computer. I had been determined not to answer any messages on my phone unless it was from family. I was spending QUALITY time with my kids.

Sue me! A mother who loves to be with her kids.

When I get home, the first thing I need to contend with is supper, then dishes. And, then the little one’s homework and getting him ready for bed. Gasp! I’m doing the mom thing! For shame!

Well, I head to bed a little earlier than normal - reminding myself to get in contact with the buyer in the morning to let them know I’ve got their order and will get to it soon. In reality, I work best first thing in the morning - usually up at 3:30 a.m, working until 5:30 a.m. when the kid gets up and then, off and on, until 7:45 or so when I leave for my job. I rarely have time to work in the afternoon hours - My best working times are early in the morning and on the weekends.

But, didn’t you hear dear Fiverr sellers! We are robots. We have to be attached to our computers and phones at all times. What if I didn’t have the Fiverr app? I would never have known I had this order until this morning.

Yes, he tried to cancel, claiming I was taking too long to message him and that my response time is 2 hours. Isn’t that response time in response to messages… not orders?!

Geez, the nerve of some folks!

Rant over! I have orders to complete and not a lot of time to get them done today!

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eyeroll What patience.

People with families. I admire them. Wonder how it’s like. I’m one of those Fiverr robots you hear about. :smiley:

He was problem buyer. You are extremely busy and I don’t know how you manage to do so much each day. I’m a robot too like writer99025.

How many words do you write on an average day? You seem like a mad workaholic. :smiley:

That’s because I really have nothing else going on in my life…don’t mean this in a negative way, but writing is all I do…

You are in an enviable position.

Depends on your perspective…a guy in his 30s with no family, no job…no real job, that is…anyway, I got 6 articles to do in the next 5 hours so talk to you later…

beep* beep* Does not compute! beep* beep*

I had a potential buyer like this about a month ago. We were discussing the project on and off all day, but I had plans for the evening and was out. When I got home and looked over my messages there was a hateful message left from him asking me if this is how I conduct business and how unprofessional I was. He also said he was going to let it be known as to how I work. LOL. Um, I have 100% feedback, 3 day delivery time, never late and a response time of about 2 to 3 hours on average.

I asked him if he had once even considered I had something I had to do and who did he think he was going to tell. I almost begged him to come to the forum and rant about not getting a response for 4 hours.

I blocked him. So glad this happened before he ordered.

This shows the danger of being too nice and available sometimes. After a certain point in discussions if an order is not placed I stop communicating. 3 messages from me or less to someone asking about my gig is my limit. I send them a custom order after that.

Personally, I check my email way too much checking for new orders, so I deeply respect you for drawing the line between work and life.
If I’m awake, I send a quick message to all new orders that I received it and will get back to them. On the other hand, my gigs are mostly pet portrait Gift gigs, so there’s a much less stressful mood to start with.
Totally not a robot but it’s hard not to feel like one sometimes.

For reals tho. Sometimes, my off-Fiverr clients will have to wait an ENTIRE DAY to get an email from me. I cannot stand it when someone complains that two to three hours at most is just too long to wait for a response, especially because Fiverr tells them that I’m online. I may be online, but that doesn’t mean I’m just sitting around waiting to answer messages the second they roll in. I mean, if I am online, that actually probably means that I’m working on an order and am less likely to to stop and answer that message quickly.

I also find it weird when a buyer sends me a message to see if I can do something, and because I’m asleep or otherwise afk, don’t answer for five or six hours, and then when I do, they send me another message saying something like, “No, another seller answered faster than you so I chose them.” Cool…? Is that supposed to somehow inspire me to…I dunno…not sleep? Not have a social life?

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These are all great signs that this buyer is not one you will be able to work with so thank your lucky stars that you were given such warnings about them.

I can’t work with every single person who comes along. Some make it impossible.

This is an ongoing problem. Some will expect an immediate response before you even have a chance to read their message, let alone blink. As sellers, we’re all trying to provide a great service with a timely response, but the thing that seems to be a myth is that for Fiverr sellers is that WE…HAVE…LIVES. Thankfully with impatient clients, we have the option of saying no!

I have a buyer like this at the moment.

I told him at 11am, if he ordered the gig it would be delivered within 2 hours.

He didn’t get around to ordering until 4am. Then complained by 8am it hadn’t be delivered and called me a liar.

I’m glad when the buyer lets me know that they’ve found someone else, for whatever reason. It’s better than just disappearing after the initial message. I thank them for letting me know, and some of them hire me for their next project.

Oh the joys of difficult buyers. I’ve had my fair share of them before I took some time off at the end of last year. They were just too much for me to handle.

Unfortunately, it’s not just on Fiverr either. I’ve had a friend who has just had to drop her best paying client because he is a pain in the proverbial. He would order, pay and set deadlines long before discussing whether the deadlines and articles were doable for my friend. She set a precedent at first by doing them, so when it came to telling him she needed an extension, he kicked off and told her he needed them now!

It makes me wonder how these buyers and clients talk to waitresses or sales assistants. Do they demand their food be cooked immediately? Do they expect instant service, even if someone is attending to another customer? Would they expect the store to be open at 3am just because they are awake? What is it about being online that makes them act so differently?

Some buyers just have unrealistic expectations.

Yesterday was another testament to my busy life. I only got 1 article done yesterday and it was late at night. During the early morning hours before my job at the school, I actually cleaned my house (shock, I know). I wanted to do more articles but getting new tires on my car took much longer than it should have - I had to wait for them to actually GET to my car. Then I had to renew my tags and wash clothes. I even spent time with my kid again outside the home while doing these other chores.

And normally, I’d spend my time working on articles all weekend long with a couple of hours of breaks here and there. Not this weekend though. It’s my son’s 21st birthday. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?

Am I going to be worried about messaging clients all day? Nope… family comes first…

It’s definitely nice when they send a non-condescending message about choosing another seller with a note that they’d like to work together in the future, but when the tone of the message is, “You took more than three minutes to respond to my message, you’re therefore not worthy of my five dollars,” that’s what annoys me.

I’ve had buyers to whom I responded after only a half an hour who chided me for taking so long when they could see that I was online and informed me that it would be more “professional” to respond immediately. Buyers who for some reason feel the need to try to “educate” me on what is and is not professional and what I should or should not do with my business is what irks me the most, I guess.