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Buyers from Heaven


I read a lot of stories about Buyers from Hell here, but let’s appreciate the Buyers from Heaven. I have many of those, they have been my clients for over 2 years now. Some for less than a year, but they are wonderful too. I love working for them, they are very good to me, appreciate what I do and I am always super motivated when doing their articles. So in the unlikely event that they read this post - they know who they are - THANK YOU!


Nice post! It’s true! Most people comment when they have something negative to say about a service or client, but there are so many positive stories to tell! I have some awesome clients that come back again and again for work. Their projects are interesting and inspire me to learn more about my own craft. I appreciate the opportunities they provide. THANK YOU!


On the flipside, buyers some the murky depths provide much more entertaining war stories. Take someone who clicks the modification button to praise my writing, then ask if my writing fits “the SEOs” (the writing will be published as an image…no, I don’t know either, but there you have it) and then telling me I am too expensive, can I offer a discount.

This gig, of course, having already been cherry picked over my custom quote.

Sometimes when opportunity knocks, I prefer to leave the door closed. On the plus side, easy non-mod!


Great post! I have started some great working relationships thanks to Fiverr. Many great buyers out there who have been with me for a long time, leaving great reviews, tips, etc. Very nice!


Yes that’s true @writer99025. We always tend to talk about negative people, bad behaviors etc. But we should talk about good things as well. For an example our Good Buyers. During last 2 years I met many great buyers here and I’M SO GLAD THAT I MET THEM. I was able to build up a longstanding relationship with them & they introduced me to their colleagues and now I’m getting their work also. So I take this opportunity to say Thank You for all MY WONDERFUL BUYERS & I really appreciate them with all my Heart. :relaxed::heart:


I have seen very of the orders I have received that would be considered “from hell” most are very positive orders.


I agree. The majority of people who are ordering here on FIVERR are really great. I’ve had far more positive experiences than negative! Like most things, people like to talk about their horror stories, but it’s nice to hear the good stuff now and then, as well.


Really? I read the thread thinking @writer99025 was back. :smile: Then I looked at the topic date lol. :slightly_frowning_face: