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Buyers Get More Revision Time During The Holidays

I just saw this message from Fiverr, regarding the Sales Copy category.

Hi fastcopywriter,

We would like to give buyers more time to be responsive during the holidays. Therefore, we’ve exceptionally extended the auto-complete period for buyers from 3 to 7 days.

This change applies only to orders delivered between Dec. 23rd to
Dec. 31st 23:59 UTC.

Happy holidays!
The Fiverr Team

We get paid in 14 days, this means we might get paid in 21 days.

What do you think? Is this fair to sellers?

Hey buyers, do you really need 7 days to review an order?

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See this thread:

I think it’s probably all categories. For buyers it might depend on the type of service, what they order and what day/date.


It’s about as fair to sellers as Christmas is to turkeys. But, as @uk1000 has said there is a whole other thread already covering Fiverr canceling Christmas.


I apologize for creating an unnecessary thread. I had no idea.

No problem. I don’t think they’re exactly the same even though they’re similar, eg. your thread is asking the opinion of buyers too & whether they would need it (and I don’t think we heard from them in the other thread) and is in a different category.

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Nope. 1 day works for me.

If seller goofs, then I ask them to fix it. If I goof, then I pay to get it fix.

I’ve never had a seller who refused to fix something they goofed up on regardless of order completion status.


Thanks for your comments. Most of my sellers review my orders in 24 hours a less, a few take 3 days. 7 days is crazy.


So I delivered an order on the 26th and one on the 27th, both of them are still in my delivered tab. Its been 10 days now, luckily all other orders delivered in this time were accepted and rated.

Anyone else experienced the same thing?