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Buyers get refund after they confirmed order and 5 stars!

Hi! My name is Traian and i was making some orders this days , i got 2 orders with 100$ canceled after buyers gets the order and rate it 5 start , i write in the support team , but didn’t get any answers.I have proofs and photos that buyers get the orders cause also they ask me for support at installation and some stuff. What i should do in this case? I want to sue the site cause this is a real fraud.


@wp_kid Sorry to bother you but this is like 8th topic about this in last 4 days. Multiple sellers have reported money return after order completed with 5*. Do you think merging will be OK? Or just let them individually talk about their issue (same issue). At least it should be in Rant not tips.

Here’s the tips.

  1. wait for the Fiverr CS to reply you ( will need to wait for 10+ days)

  2. Most likely is a Paypal chargeback, if so, there is a high chance that Fiverr will protect you.
    You can read here below :

Ok , thank you , i will wait for response .

Yeeee , now i got 3 completed orders with 5 start cancelled , thank you fiverr , for sure i want to work for free! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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