Buyers get too much facility than sellers


In these days fiverr are taking too much care of buyers rather than seller.Last month a buyer gave a 3.4 review by mistake.I was new then I opened dispute but stupidly I withdraw that.After sometime buyer said that he made a mistake and wanna give 5 star ratting.He even messaged fiverr cs.But fiverr refuse the dispute.If runs this way how we new seller will stand up!!!


That is your mistake, isn’t it?


Yeah,but I should get another chance.


Why? Please explain…

Btw Fiverr CS can and do remove reviews if the buyer requests for it. The only thing is, they cannot modify it.


at least remove it.I talked in cs that buyer wants to change review at least remove it.But they didn’t.Its not good for new seller. :frowning:


Can you share the screenshots of the conversion you had with Fiverr CS?
Fiverr CS had removed a review once for me recently so, I am sure that they (can) do it.

Btw, I don’t see any 3.4 star rating in your profile. :smirk:


[image removed due to buyer name shown - against forum rules]
here bro.

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CS removed more then once for me. Even one time they repeatedly remove the review for a month, because buyer was doing wrong.
Last month another buyer’s son left wrong rating, buyer contacted CS in that case and they removed for him


Nothing to do with Fiverr preferring buyers - the number of stars given by the buyer equates to the comment that’s been left - vector acceptable 3 stars. If they’d said ‘Fantastic work, wonderful seller - I’ll be back’ and left 3 stars, then there would be something to complain about.

You had an opportunity to try and fix it, but you got it wrong I’m afraid.

It’s over a month ago, I really wouldn’t worry about it now - forget it and move on!

Good luck!


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I had completed after that,But he didn’t understand,then I said then he understood.
What will you say about that?


First, thank you for posting the image.

Second, please edit the image so the buyer’s name isn’t visible.

I thought you said you withdrew the dispute? Fiverr CS seem to have told you to ask the buyer to use the ‘resolve now’ button to start a feedback modification request - did you do that? They seemed very helpful in their response.

It seems it may be a case of a buyer and seller, both new to Fiverr having a lot of misunderstandings.

It’s a month now since the feedback was left - I think the only thing left you can do, as you’ve been advised, is to ask CS again.

Good luck…


Thanks for suggestion,I am asking CS again. Thank you :slight_smile:


Who removed my picture that I attached in reply here?I don’t understand!!!


A 3.4 star review will not hurt you, as long as you continue to earn additional 4-5 star reviews. Don’t focus so much on one low to average review. Move on, work hard, and deliver work that results in higher reviews. Fiverr reviews are calculated on an average of all reviews. The more higher reviews you have, the higher your overall rating will be.


I am frustrated.In the morning I got warning for nothing.And now I am seeing that my attached picture is removed. :frowning:


You will only receive a warning if you did something wrong, or broke the rules of Fiverr in some way. So, yes you did get a warning for a reason. If you don’t know what your warning was for, contact Customer Service and ask them. Complaining that you got warning a here on the forums will not provide you with the kind of answers that you seek. We cannot help you.

And, as far as your image here in this thread, it was likely removed because you shared personal information, or the names of other sellers in the image.

There are no conspiracies against you. You just appear to have done things that you should not have done, and you received a warning for it. And your image was likely removed here because you broke one of the rules of this forum.

What’s done is done. Learn from this experience, and move on.


Can it be a reason of warning that I shared a picture including buyer name?

Mod Note: Please take care to check out the forum rules and general guidelines.


Yes. Just read the rules and you don’t have to be afraid of being banned one day anymore.
It’s not rocket science.


No, you fool. It’s brain surgery.

I once looked up to you! Tchah!


what are you talking about?I don’t get it.

Mod Note: Please take care to check out the forum rules and general guidelines.