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Buyers ghosting after giving information about project


Has anyone else been messaged by a buyer who was asking to see it we could take up a project they have, only for them to never reply again? I was messaged by two buyers who wrote real details about their project and I replied almost immediately but they’ve never replied after that.


That’s very common, unfortunately. I get messages like that all the time and people often don’t follow up. I think many of them message a number of sellers at the same time about the same project. They choose a seller and they don’t ever say more to the other sellers they contacted. I get many messages from people who want to know if I can do XYZ or if I am interested in ABC, but they sometimes disappear no matter how I respond. I have just learned to not expect to hear back from people and then when I do hear back, I’m thrilled.


Oh that’s just really disappointing. :confused: