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Buyers giving bad ratings but then ordering again

Anyone else find this really odd? Especially if they’ve marked you lower than a 4 on ‘Buy Again or Recommend’…

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I had a buyer like that

but I contacted with the CS and told them that I am not interested to work with him but still he order me again and again.

so the result is CS blocked the buyer to giving order to me :smiley:


Fiverr should introduce “blocking” system so that we can block such buyers.


Masochism. If it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have a word for it.


I’ve never heard about Fiverr being able to block a specific buyer from ordering a specific seller or gig, ever - because that’s simply not possible unless Fiverr sends that buyer an email asking them not to order, which I doubt Fiverr would do.

Did you mean that Fiverr blocked the buyer’s account completely? Though I don’t see why they would block a buyer completely because of problems with one seller…

There’s something not adding up here :thinking:

Because, again, CS cannot block buyers from ordering specific gigs or sellers.


I definitely wish there was a way of blocking users from buying from you. I’ve had some pain in the arse buyers and other buyers who order from me even though I’ve already told them I can’t do the work they’ve requested for whatever reason…