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Buyers going silent



I have run into an issue lately that I can’t wrap my head around. I will have buyers who purchase a gig, will respond a time or two to any questions I may have, but then go completely silent. This has happened a couple of times, even after I sent them the first version of their product. Some of my clients haven’t been “seen” since our initial communication even after I’ve delivered there product. So, it’s they’re paying for a service but don’t end up coming back to collect the finished product.

I don’t understand it on their part. Has anyone else dealt with this? How did you handle it if you’ve already created the product for them?

I’m sure this has been asked quite a bit but I’m here for the discussion.


That’s pretty much a scam, you should messege the Fiverr support.


Hi @nneaman,

I experienced the same situation many times and i could say that it’s quite common situation.
I have some repeat buyers who mostly check the delivery a week after it was delivered.

I always deliver the product and wait until the order marked as complete. After that, i send a message to encourage them to reach me out and let me know whether the final product need some tweaks EVEN the order has been marked as complete.

Since the fund will be cleared after the order has marked as complete, it will be unethical if i don’t provide revisions. In short, i keep myself being ethical and professional :grinning:


Buyers don’t have to “come back and collect” anything. When you deliver the order, you’re done working for that client (unless they choose to come back for revisions). What the buyer chooses to do with the work you delivered is not really your concern. Your only concern is delivering great work that matches the buyer’s request. The delivered files will always be in their delivered order, and the buyer can come download them whenever he or she wishes to do so – days, weeks, even months later.


That is how I have handled the situation so far.


Depending on what you selling they might be hiding for a good reason. Chances are they are other sellers contracted to do a job for a lot more than what your charging them. They go “dark” because feedback or too much Jibber-Jabba will give them away. Especially with the new blind review system. As a VO I get animators and VH guys do this all the time. Obviously their script gives this away. In other words they don’t want to leave a trail of their l**y behavior. Also doing work directly for a companies promo service is almost never a reliationship bearing review fruit or “thank you so much” let alone a tip.


This has happened to me on my third order. It’s been automatically marked completed by Fiverr. But wish I get the review to help me build my reputation.


Did you ever see that TV ad where a customer goes into a store orders and pays for something and gets it for half price or next to nothing because of a promotion…the shopper then without saying anything looks at the clerk grabs the bag and darts out side to there waiting spouse waiting on the car. Then says
:running_man: “START THE CAR!!!” and they spin off at high speed. Then the voice over says “so cheap it"s a steal!”
That’s Fiverr sometimes.
And why reviews don’t come


People buy so much online sometimes they pay no attention to it all. It’s nothing to them. They do it on impulse or lose interest in it, or don’t have time to do anything about it. People lead busy hectic lives. This is most likely to happen if it’s very inexpensive. It’s a throw away purchase.

It’s best to not drag it out, if it’s less than $50 especially. Do it fast, get it done and let them move on. By the time it’s delivered they have already taken up new interests and don’t have time to pay attention to that order.