Buyers gone wild | 2 out of 10 buyers will try to cheat/ you


Has Fiverr gone soft?

Enough is enough. As a seller we will not take harassment from buyers. I’ve spoken with Fiverr, they always give us the textbook response. Yes in a perfect world textbook works. Unfortunately buyers are not as nice as the sellers on Fiverr. Bad apples. bad bad apples.

I’ve made topics in the past regarding these types of buyers and the approaite approach when being victimized etc.

I find that Fiverr has become a swimming pool of bad apples that take advantage of Sellers for there creativity. How can we prevent this? When confronting a buyer " after he sends multiple modifications request or whatever approach they might take. I learned that the buyer knows exactly what they want and what they are doing. No matter how transparent you are in your approach, no matter how informative the Gig is, repeating yourself several times will not work. This leads to an aggressive emotion on the buyers end that may result in a negative feedback you did not deserve. .

The “Abusive buyer” will attack and attack. As a seller we need protection, These attacks are being a part of my everyday life. we need more protection. We spend time on creating our Gigs, we will not be played and scammed.

I have been with fiverr for a while… and I’ve never seen it this bad.

I think it may be time to hang up my hat, its been fun while it lasted.

Thanks everyone.


vsanto18 sorry u just dream !

That “buyers” its your competitors … with fake new accounts ! Wake up !!!


I can’t agree with you more. Recently I have had buyers asking for almost 10 modifications. Each modification they requested something entirely different!

Although they weren’t rude it’s considered taking advantage for just a $5.00 order!

I think that Fiverr should have a feature that can sense a buyer taking advantage and limiting their abilities.

They can’t ask for the whole world neither expect for the seller to be with them every moment.


Don’t let anyone bully you, always show that you are ready to cancel if the buyer is being difficult, make it clear in your gig description what they will get for their money.


I believe once the basic gig price can be raised from the $5 level, then these types of senarios will not be that common. I read somewhere that this is already being tested on Fiverr, so my advice will be to hang in there. :slight_smile:


Asking for additional payment for modifications is already a new feature for some Gigs and most Buyers are glad to pay for additional modifications if you offer it in a Gig Extra.



Had the same thing the other day, expecting designers to be mind readers, only had one but she didn’t understand that if she wants something specific she is going to have to explain it in an understandable way rather than get rude and ask for a gazillion modifications to then revert back to the one of the first couple versions after OVER 10 modifications were made! (& also sent me a random icon around the 5th modification point and told me to replace the logo with it, then when I did replace it after redrawing and vectorising the random low quality but high detail icon thing and made it look right, seeing as it was a super random addition and then sent it she tells me omg that wasn’t for you. When the instructions (for once on her behalf) were clear as day.


waaa waaa…well the other side of the coin is people on here who do not deliver what they say they will - I just left a one star review and want a refund
the scammer was so eager so pushy…now he is online but will not answer…yuck


really ? I left one star review LOL>> well I will dispute this with paypal


Thankfully most / all my buyers are lovely. I’ve very rarely (once or twice ever) had a buyer try to pull a fast one. 50% even give me tips. Guess it depends on the industry youre operating in


We got a record number of modification requests for a $5 gig. It was 9 times in a row. We worked on it again and again.
It was really very difficult situation for us :frowning:
However finally they left a very nice positive feedback :slight_smile:


Sadly, I’m only a month in and I’ve experience two of these types. The first I had to do 25 revisions (QUICKLY changed my gig to limit revisions). I wouldn’t have minded if it was an error on my part, but fully changing concepts on me midway through and deciding that a completely different image would be better is on the Buyer. Looking back I should have started sending over a custom order to continue the revisions. The second one order a basic gig with one of my extras - Then she continued to ask for more extras. “Oh you’re doing this for my Facebook, can you do one for my Twitter also”. Not asking a price, just assumes I’d do it. She then bought ANOTHER one of my Gigs and basically wanted two for the price of one.

I mean come on people… Would you walk into a store and demand someone give you two for the price of one? That’s not how the world works…


thanks for that info kblynx

this place is hard to figure out…the seller is really a scammer…online won’t answer


Thank you Maddie.

Kjblynx - I really am surprised at the attitude they have towards the buyers. Until tonight I had only one transaction, it was fine, I rated them 5 stars for being prompt

But many buyers would be surprised to see the nasty stuff the sellers are saying

They too could move along right but no thread after thread I didn’t ask for revisions, I did not ask for anything special…I paid and 2 minutes later when I asked for refund boom he will not reply.


One thing I have noticed however is, buyers who tend to give the most trouble are generally from a specific region.


a buyer ordered my 2 gigs for providing the premium theme.
i have provided the theme.
and after downloading my theme is started something like its not working , etc etc.
so i called him on TEAM VIEWER and installed that theme in front of him on his computer,
after that he is also requesting to cancel the order,
and saying i have not recieved the theme etc etc

TRYING to cheat me , and he got my $63 theme free,


Time is the essence you will learn and grow better each day. I’ve been with fiverr for almost three years now. Description of your gig is agreement between buyer and seller so make it as much clearer as you can. Fiverr recently introduced the feature of modification charges add it to your gig. What happens usually is that as time passes you learn what things buyer will like and you improve your quality also be patient with them and with every delivery add this message I’ve made the changes exactly as you requested let me know if you want more changes… And after that ask them to leave a nice positive review and also tell their friends about you… This is a psychological statement that makes them trust you and complete order as well… Negative reviews are bad for business so refund buyers where ever you think it’s necessary… I don’t tell my secrets so I hope that helps everyone here… Best Regards


In the end there’s nothing we can do but offer the best service possible. Lets not hate on buyer who try to us as cheat sellers. Instead let us be the better person and try to resolve any disagreement in an amicable manner. Now while many will not agree with my position in an incident where I had a disgruntled returning buyer who made every attempt to cheat my services on a second order I actually ended up requesting that Fiverr not only cancel the second order but also refund the paid amount on the first order. Today this content is available online after being used by the buyer for which I have not taken payment. My point in all this and it may not go for everyone is; do not let the actions of a dishonest buyer determine your reaction but rather consider it as doing a favor for someone who does not appreciate your efforts. Karma works for all of us and we will receive our just reward for our kindness.

Just my two cents guys and girls.


Reply to @williamsp: This becomes a Catch 22, I’ve tried this. Not only they will not let the “Request for modification go” and if they do your account will fall in the " did not deliver on time and you can risk having your reputation slaughtered by problematic buyers.


Reply to @primitus: I think it’s would be very useful thing. Buyers don’t seem to read my message in the gigs. I still pretty often receive orders for 5$ and have to cancel them right away even though I put everything clear in the description. If I had a chance, I would definately raise the prices for basic gigs…