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Buyers Hasn't Given the info I Need!


OK So I have someone who has bought one of my gigs. Now she made the purchase and I had requested for the info, however they only asked a question and didn’t provide the info. My gig delivers in 3 days and now I have requested from them to give the info.

Now I have 22 hours to deliver! WHat do I do?


Uh oh, maybe deliver the gig with explanation text, just to avoid the late delivery flag? I am sure she wants you to get the job done, she might be just too busy at the moment.


That sounds like a great way to get around this!

However I think what’s going to happen is they will give a bad review!

But also they haven’t given the info!

So I’m up in the air, but I think I will do this when it gets down to the delivery time!