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Buyers Have Gotten Worse

Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten a string of bad buyers on a lot of big orders over $100. They start out by telling me what they want and then I give them what they want. But then, they come back and say that they wanted something different. This usually requires me to do the whole assignment over again rather than just doing a revision. Sometimes the buyers will admit they didn’t give me enough specifics in their initial order post but others just keep wanting new things that were not discussed before the work was done.

I am extremely discouraged from doing any more big assignments on Fiverr. All my descriptions now require buyers to contact me first before placing orders over $100. And even then, I’m going to require 25% milestones on the bigger projects. That way, there are no misunderstandings on the work that is being done. I wish to encourage other sellers to follow this same path. Let’s show Fiverr that sellers have rights too.


You should start a voting poll for this on forum.

That’s really bad to hear your story but that’s not only for your case, I have heard the same story from some of my Fiverr friends that they too have faced the exact situation you have faced! We should do something to avoid such kind of disgusting scenario.

That is actually how CS recommend people do larger projects. In the case of disputes or issues with an order, if you can show a track record then you have a much better chance of defending successfully. I specifically seek larger projects on Fiverr and I tend to do an initial sample and then split the project into milestones/parts. I explain this to the buyer as well, that it is in their interest to do it in smaller parts - which it is - but if they are unhappy with that, I tend to see it as a red flag.
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The problem is that a lot of buyers will choose to purchase a high number of gigs without even discussing it with sellers first. Then if sellers want to cancel, they get penalized for it.