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Buyers have issue in submitting the requirements

Does fiverr already aware of this problem when buyers having an issue in sending their requirements. Most of my buyers are experiencing this problem. I get a long notification that a buyer has updated the order but the requirements did not go through. Buyers get annoyed with it and as a seller this gives a negative impression to my service.

Is this just temporary?

I’ve noticed this for about two months that frequently there is a long pause between when someone buys a gig and when they submit my simple requirements. Sometimes a few hours go by before their requirements are submitted.

Would this be a minimal issue we can just brush off or fiverr should do something about this?

It may something temporary. Since I think the coupon code feature at checkout is also new, it makes me wonder if that is being dabbled with and slowing things down a little. I wouldn’t worry too much unless it creates a substantial long-term issue.

If it keeps happening, though, the best thing would be to have a buyer submit a ticket to CS explaining what problem they are encountering. You should submit a ticket regarding the same order number explaining how it affects you or appears on your end.

Buyer just cancelled his order due to this reason.

His message:

“Sorry but I submitted all the information but did not save the info. I really cannot be bothered to type it all again.”

I assume that this client has filled out all the information because I can see the notification that he updated the gig but somehow the information did not go through.


Why would he say he can’t be bothered to type it all again?
This buyer is one you should be glad you will not have to work with.

I can understand the buyer’s frustration though.

Frustration is understandable, but if it’s something that he needs done, he’ll have to type it all again, unless he decides to do the work himself.