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Buyers have "request a gig" but what about sellers?

I noticed that buyers have request a gig option if they’re looking for something specific or if it’s too long to keep searching through all the gig sellers. But what about sellers looking for people interested in their gigs? I noticed there’s some posts by people looking for someone who needs their services, but I am wondering how they managed to get approved in the first place. Just want to know! Thank you!

yes same here, how do they get approved when it’s a “request a gig” not a “offer a gig” ???

It seems that the “approval” system is actually automated. It’s possible the folks who are using the requests to spam, just know how to get around the filters. If you have the time, report the sellers who are abusing the system. Otherwise, it’ll just keep getting worse.

@tepidautumn. To respond your question about sellers looking for people interested in their gigs, the main ways on Fiverr are through the category system and the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. Some people use Custom Offers too but I don’t recommend that. Most buyers hate unsolicited offers. When on-Fiverr isn’t enough my thought would be to promote your gigs off-Fiverr through social media, your own website/blog, etc. I’m a buyer and seller and I always try Fiverr main page first.

Some sellers abuse the system as @itsyourthing said but I think the ones that do it only hurt themselves. Most get few responses and I doubt they ever get sales. I take note of names of sellers who spam buyer requests or the wrong forums and they go on my blacklist when I’m looking to buy.

Thanks guys for your insightful input.

I do promote my gigs on social media and recently started on my site as well. It is a slow process however since I am fairly new. And there is so much competition as it is.

I will keep a watchful eye on the system abusers and report them.

Reply to @tepidautumn: You’re very welcome.

Keep in mind Fiverr is an online service, but it’s also helpful to promote offline as well. If possible, post some flyers or distribute business cards in person - even direct mail campaigns can work well. In short, do anything and everything that would be done to promote any other type of business. :slight_smile: