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Buyers have stopped leaving reviews


In the last two weeks less than half of my clients have left reviews.
Usually it’s more than this.

Is this something others are experiencing? Has it become too much trouble for buyers to leave them?


Yes, now they see the hidden review system first and then the actual review.

It’s like Fiverr decided its new year’s resolution was to screw sellers non-stop.


This is what my buyers told me when i asked if they could leave a review. They thought submitted it. :frowning:


Its been like that for 5-6 months at least but I did notice that the number of reviews slowed down after that.


I haven’t bought anything for a while, a few people have posted that the process has changed and been made more complicated, which might explain it.

I’m going on several months of only getting orders from regulars, who always leave a review, so I haven’t noticed a difference, but it seems to make sense.


Its been already (almost) same topic discussed here - Gig Review process UPDATE


Maybe this was another one fo those test features they’ve been checking? On that note, will available now ever be rolled out to everyone?