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Buyer's history should also be visible to sellers

Buyer’s five stars and history about how many orders have he placed and how many of them were cancelled and all should also be available to sellers. It will be definitely better for the community!

Thoughts are welcomed.


Yeah it has been discussed in forum before. You can search the thread.

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Great idea!


yeah I agree with you.

Actually, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it might not be a good idea :confused: Forgive me, @gina_riley2 :pray:

Imagine the following scenario: a buyer gets scammed by several sellers (has happened before, will still happen), and every time that buyer leaves a bad negative to the seller who scammed them, that seller will also leave a negative to the buyer no matter what, just because, and imagine if a genuine buyer who’s been scammed too many times will have a profile filled with negative ratings from the scammers – it would put off the good sellers, who will reject them from the beginning.

[edit: I’ve seen how bad sellers leave bad ratings and bad words in those ratings when they get a genuine buyer who gets scammed by them ; it’s not something you’d want to see in your buyer profile ]

[edit: also, some buyers will want to keep their privacy regarding how many orders they’ve placed; imagine if a seller sees a buyer with 1,000 purchases, and that buyer gets mad on a bad $5 delivery, the seller will tell him “$5 is nothing to you” like I’ve been told once!]

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But sellers also get scammed.

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Some form of history would work!

I’m not sure how much information should be displayed but think about the “top buyer” badge.

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You know what?

Screw that idea for now.

One thing needs to be improved. ONE THING?


When a buyer leaves a negative feedback, they have a LOT of characters to play about with. They can write quite an epic story. The seller? We get about half the amount of characters which means we can’t respond to every point.



Playing devil’s advocate here - maybe only after a threshold of canceled orders - and maybe not history but just a percentage of canceled orders. It could harm Fiverr buyers’ privacy and that should be avoided where possible.

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