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Buyers: How loyal R U to your Favorite Sellers?


Few of the recent thread had me thinking.

I’ve been on this platform for a while now and have several sellers marked as a :heart:. I know and like them so much that I’d rather wait a month for them than a day for someone else.

I’ve used certain sellers often enough that they already know what I want and how I want it. I already know I’m getting a 5 star service out of them - everybody wins! Then again, maybe not!

I was just thinking how much harder it is for a new seller to penetrate the market. I still do shop around for services that I have yet to find someone that I can genuinely mark as a favorite, but I do less browsing these days than when I was new.

That being said, if you’ve ever purchased a gig, how loyal are you?

  • I am very loyal to my sellers
  • I occasionally shop around
  • I like diversity and shop around often

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As a buyer, when you do shop around, what is your biggest turn off?

  • Sellers who use celebrity photos
  • Poorly written gig description/profile
  • Anything less than 4.5 star reviews
  • 1 star, failed to deliver

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How often do you give new sellers (Level 0) a chance?

  • Often, as long as they have at least a few good reviews
  • Often, as long as they do not have any 1 star, fail to deliver
  • Often, as long as they have good description, even with 0 reviews
  • I prefer to hire level 1 and up
  • I prefer to hire level 2 and up
  • I only work with TRS

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I answered your polls since I buy quite often, but I didn’t answer the third question. I buy from new sellers occasionally. Sometimes I do it because I see a newbie who looks promising and I buy something just to get them a leg up. If they don’t do well, I typically don’t review them since they might still be figuring things out.

Sometimes I buy from a new person if I have time and an extra few bucks to risk on something I really want. If I’m in that position I don’t mind if I have to sacrifice the funds and have someone else tweak what I bought. Sometimes I find a gem that way!

I didn’t answer that poll question because I don’t actually buy from non-leveled sellers “often” but I also don’t necessarily prefer a specific level. It’s just that if I have a more serious project and I need something that costs more or is time sensitive, I’m likely to go with someone I know or a leveled seller that has a good history. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


When it comes to newbies, I tend to contact them first but otherwise a decent description, a lower than normal price and I will take a chance. If they deliver the required standard I tip them for what its worth.
I also favorite anyone I see on the Forum who has a service I may need at some time (and who sounds professional and/or capable) and then I go through my favorites before searching for a seller.


I agree with you 100% on being loyal to good sellers.
There’s a logo animation gig that I order regularly and the seller has never let me down. I get messages to my inbox from other animators spamming me and advertising their services and they always immediately get blocked. Nobody gets between me and my reliable animator!
Funny that you brought up celebrity pictures in the poll, because I used to look down upon that but the awesome seller I use is an offender. As long as sellers have good reviews and pull through on their work, I don’t judge.


Well, like I said above, it’s just that my regulars know exactly what I want and I know exactly what they will give me.

I admit it’s been awhile since I’ve gone shopping for a new seller - last time was to hire whole bunch of V.A. All level zero; two did excellent job, one did adequate and rest did not work out.

Just like Maddie, for the ones that didn’t do great job, I did not ask for refund - it was their 1st gigs. I considered it cost of doing business.

I :heart: the 2 that did great, but in less than a month one of them already folded shop. The only problem with new sellers is that at least 1/3 of them are gone within few months - typically around 3 month time frame.