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Buyer's Husband Knocked Me With Advice

Recently I delivered a logo for $20 which I am sure a lot of you know isn’t that high of a price to pay for a quality logo on fiverr. Afterwards, I had the woman’s husband knock me from her account telling me that he himself is a graphic artist and the woman did not want his help because she wanted to ‘help someone in need’ and that I should have charged $15 for what I delivered. To which I replied, “Fiverr keeps 20% so I’d only get $13 which is too less for a concept piece”. The woman wanted something very specific and it wasn’t a minimal design either. I spent 4 hours on her logo and designed an entire mascot in 3D shaped like a certain alphabet then incorporate it in typography to spell out her company’s name. Then I was hit with this: “Also, to be truthful, you say 13 is too little for a concept design but in all honesty I am sure you are using a plug in play type program. She told you what she wanted so you really only did what she could’ve done with a free program but she is like that and wants to help people.” Idk what he means by plug in play program or what he meant by ‘she wanted to help someone in need’ because I am no charity case. I am a professional individual who delivered her work which she paid for. His wife had no comments regarding the design and I offered her unlimited revisions which she took advantage of 6 times. I only delivered when she said she was absolutely okay with it but turns out da da da dun HER HUSBAND HAS ISSUES. This whole interaction made me so angry. Is it justified for someone’s spouse to enter their accounts and comment on the work of someone they hired after the work was delivered. What do y’all think?
Update: He threatened to cancel and then threatened to give me a 3 star rating even if he doesn’t cancel. This is so preposterous lol.


I think that you need to smile and move on :slight_smile:
Fortunately, the majority of customers here are amazing people.
However, you still have a chance to meet a person, who will try to make you angry or annoyed. Their goal is to get your emotions and nothing more. In your case, he could be simply jealous that his wife decided to work with you instead of hiring him.

I had a customer, who told me that I’m a village boy and I don’t know modern English. What was the reason? He told me that the ‘account’ word can’t be used to describe someone’s profile in an application.


You gave them a quote of $20. They agreed and paid the amount, then after that they cannot come and say this: “I should have charged $15 for what I delivered.”

You are the one who can decide, what would be the price. They cannot cancel an order on the basis of “I can make better than that”.

And providing unlimited revision was a bad choice.


I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I am now more terrified than angry because he says that he will give me a 3 star because I overcharge and it will completely wreck my 5 star rating lol. I seem to have the worst luck with fiverr buyers.

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I’d just keep responding professionally and if they say anything needing reporting, report it.

The $13 figure might not be totally correct. eg. if the price was 20 USD and Fiverr takes 20%,
20-(20% of 20)=$16 not $13.

20% of 15, he wanted to pay 15 lol so that’s why it’d become 13

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I’m sorry to hear all this…

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Though 15-(20% OF 15)=12.

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Ahh indeed, was too disturbed by his allegations to do the maths correctly. Thanks for pointing.


I agree with what @iamsachmusic said.

@silverliningsco If I were you, my first and only approach would have been to remind them that it was they/their wife who had agreed to/accepted the said order amount of $20 (of their own volition) in advance and that they cannot backtrack now that the order has already been completed.

This would have been a much simpler explanation, imo.

You do realize that this is wonderful news, right? :wink:

They just slipped up and have now given Fiverr a legitimate reason to ban them. This is a reportable/bannable offense, and I would suggest that you contact Fiverr’s Customer Support ASAP and update them of these threats. Please DO NOT forget to attach screenshots of your buyer’s threat messages to your customer support ticket.

Good luck! :pineapple:


Is that under the TOS part of “inappropriate behaviour & language” and “bullying/harassment” in that section?

The only other place in the TOS I can see is “Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements” but I don’t think extra services were being asked for, instead a cancellation was being asked for. Though deliveries aren’t eligible for cancellation based on quality etc. I think if delivered as shown/described in the gig.

I’d say it comes under the clauses you will find under the sub-heading “violations.”

Inappropriate Behavior & Language - Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others.


I’ve just seen it also says “Users are abusive towards the other party through threats of low ratings” so maybe that’s it too. Though it says it cancels orders for that. Though that’s what the buyer wants. Maybe the trust and safety team would look at their account too.

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You don’t have to reply to the husband of your client and you shouldn’t. And don’t be threatened about what review they leave, that’s up to them. I would tell him that I only talk to the client.

Then I would try to forget about them. You’ve spent more than enough time on that.


If the wife likes helping people in need, then the husband needs to get some help from her… :man_shrugging:


He made a huge mistake when he threatened you with a low review, that’s against TOS. Report that message immediately, block and let the order finish. Talk with CS so he isn’t able to leave a review. He absolutely cannot do that (threaten with a low review to get something he wants).


You have not been working with a woman or her husband. This is the same person or a group of resellers who are versed in how to get work on Fiverr FOC. Don’t entertain them. Don’t communicate in any way.

If I was you, I would also brace yourself for a chargeback.


I would have reported that her account got hacked.

To be fair, I’ve been in a similar situation irl. The “my husband advises me not to pay you” kind of situation. Also known as the “Our bassist’s girlfriend doesn’t like the design” situation. What I’m saying is, the person can very well be who they say they are and even consider themselves 100% reasonable.

Although I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone threatening with leaving 3* specifically. This part is definitely odd.

But as others have said, the design was approved by the client who’s commissioned the work and paid for it. Report the buyer, move on and do not engage any further.

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Most of sellers are fiverr are underpaid and buyers want most of the 5-10 or 15 dollars