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Buyers ignoring commercial / broadcast rights buyout?

Hey all,

I’m pretty new here and I’m having an overall great experience, successfull voice over gigs, and things are pretty fine.

However, recently I experience quite a few orders, where people demand commercial / advertising style voice overs but don’t even mention commercial rights buyout. That’s fine if people want to layout their videos, but if the release it to public, commercial rights are needed. This should be common sense, it is stated in the Fiverr ToS and and it’s given by law.

Usually I friendly remind them of this fact, and guess what: No answer. First of all, this is money that’s missing in my bank, but what bothers me even more is the ignorance of those people that don’t not even respond to friendly reminders. If that’s too expensive, they sure can cancel the order, so what is the problem? I have stated this in the very first line of my gig description, in the FAQ and I remind them in the orders directly. How ignorant are those guys?

How do I deal with this? Honestly, should I straight up cancel those orders? Should I deliver and see what happens over the next months? And if I find any illegitimate use of my voiceover in the internet, immediately request to take it down due to copyright violations?

If someone has experiences with that, please let me know!
Thank you!

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These are things you should decide yourself.
You could cancel the orders and lose the sale or do the sale and get the money without the commercial fee. Of course you can then do takedown requests later too but seems like a lot of work to keep track of over time.

I’d immediately send them a custom extra for the commercial license with a time limit stated for when it must be accepted. If they don’t accept, request support to cancel it so you don’t need the buyer’s agreement to cancel.


This. Very much this. I’ve encountered buyers who bought the wrong package, and did nothing when I told them that, possibly because they had no idea what I wanted them to do. As soon as I sent the custom extra for the difference in price, they’ve accepted it.