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Buyers Ignoring the Gig Description

Sorry to rant, but I have had to cancel three or four orders just this past month for people blatantly placing orders without contacting me first (which the gig description asks them to do), and then asking me for things my gig description explicitly states I will not do!

1.) For example, on my product review gig, I DO NOT DO FAKE REVIEWS. Send me your product or a coupon to get a complementary product to review, because I am not writing a 5-star review on something I have never seen just because you ask me to do so. THIS IS EXPLICITLY STATED IN MY GIG DESCRIPTION AND IN MY ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS!

2.) On my genealogy research gig, if your request includes the words “Cherokee Princess,” PLEASE DO NOT ORDER MY GIG! My gig explicitly states I cannot accept these ridiculous “find my Native American ancestor” requests (which usually include the buyer providing almost zero information to work with), and my gig also explicitly states to CONTACT ME FIRST! I have had to refund one and mutually cancel two “find my Native American ancestor” orders because buyers are not reading the gig description.

I know the feeling @newspoet now this buyer has ordered without even putting anything in the order page, when I did message to ask what were the requirements the buyer did not respond until I ask for a mutual cancellation, funny though every time when I click on cancel the buyer clicks abort and now from previous comments from others, are they now saying that this order will affect my rating?

Reply to @newspoet: You are welcome for the advice. It was well-intentioned. Even though sending messages might get you a sale, it just isn’t worth the possible negative consequences to me. I’d just use all the other methods of promotion. Good luck!

I get this a lot as well, but checking the names of the people who order, mainly competition who order then cancel. Wondering if they think that degrades the rank of the gig (or does it?)

@fonthaunt: Thank you for the advice! :slight_smile:

Update: I received a canned message from CS that said I had been recently been reported by other Fiverr users for sending unsolicited messages advertising my gigs. No acknowledgement of the fact that those users CONTACTED ME FIRST or that in many cases they were PREVIOUS CLIENTS! I sent ONE MESSAGE which advertised none of my gigs directly, but simply asked them to let me know if I could answer additional questions or provide any additional services. Thanks Fiverr for treating me like the a**hole in this situation. I already acknowledged that I probably should not have replied to so many previous contacts at once and that going forward I would just archive the messages in my inbox instead of replying to them. So the threat to deny me levels and whatever else your canned message said was unnecessary. At least they were “kind” enough to restore my messaging capability so I could respond to my current clients…

Reply to @newspoet: but it doesn’t matter. How “prior” were these contacts that you were sending messages to? If they just emailed you 2 days ago to ask a question, then that’s fine. If they emailed you months ago, that could be considered spam. Also, prior clients don’t like getting messages. Fiverr isn’t a platform to be “sold” to as a buyer. I just recently got some special offers from someone who I bought from in the past. I was so annoyed and now won’t buy for that seller any longer.

The other issue could be that you sent so many emails to non-active gig people at the same time. So the system could be seeing that, and seeing that you sent the same email out to everyone. I wonder if there is something in the TOU about it.

Cancellations are the only thing I’ll bug a buyer about. If they tell me to cancel the order but can’t be bothered to come back and accept it (a process which takes about three seconds), why should I get a hit on my account because they did something wrong? I usually send them a message to let them know that if they want their money back, they have to go to the order and accept the cancellation. If they haven’t done it in a day or so, I’ll message them again. Especially when a buyer is being snotty about getting their money back, I don’t see anything wrong with bugging them for a mutual cancellation.

In some ways, I could see the benefit of an order cancellation/returns system like the one Amazon has for refunding orders that have already been delivered. If they want their money back, they as the consumer should have to be proactive about it. Sellers don’t just give you your money back because you ask for it, the buyer has to walk through the process.

Reply to @newspoet: Yes, I do think it is unique to this platform. In the real world if you were an independent freelancer on your own, surely you might re-contct a few people that had inquired about your services who never bought, or former clients to check in and see how they were doing and if they needed anything else.

Reply to @newspoet: but paid reviews on Amazon, whether you buy the product or not are against their terms.

Just mutual cancel. Your descriptions are clear. I know it is frustrating.

I get this too. ALL. THE. TIME.

People can’t read.

And now to top it off, I was going through my inbox, sending each prior contact which I have not spoken to in a long time a message that basically reads “Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions or provide you with any other services.” Then I would archive that thread using the inbox labels we have now. Someone reported me for spam and now my messaging capabilities are blocked! I have a ticket in with Customer Support, but I sent one email trying to practice good Customer Service! Sheesh!

Want to know some fun news?

If you hit cancel on one of those gigs because the buyer didn’t read your gig… If they let it auto-cancel from the 3-day time limit it goes through … Your gig will take a negative hit in it’s “Cancellation Ratio” .

I added a message to my ticket to Customer Support that I would simply archive the rest of my previous contacts in my inbox without messaging them. I already have a potential buyer who has messaged me, but who I cannot respond to since my messaging has been disabled. Frustrating… If a cancelled order where the buyer didn’t read instructions auto-cancels, I will send a ticket to ensure it doesn’t count against me. This has been frustrating lately…

So if it auto cancels in three days you get a hit? Such crap.

I had never before considered that there would be negative consequences for sending previous contacts a friendly followup message. I simply thought that was good business practices. I guess another lesson learned on the unique attributes of this platform.

This has just happened to me with my Spanish article writing gig. A few hours ago I received an order to write two articles about something that I don’t even know what it is, when my gig is for Computer & Tech articles only. I’ve requested a mutual cancellation and the buyer doesn’t do anything. This is the second time this happens to me. Some buyer orders something that I don’t offer, and then lets the order cancel without bothering to accept it.

I wish that they could only get their money back if they accepted the request, at least when the cancellation was requested before the deadline.

Yup, it’s a well-known fact that people don’t like to read (especially on Fiverr.)
I, like you, and SO sick and tired of people asking to pay me to leave Amazon reviews. I do not give reviews! That isn’t even close to any of the services I offer.
Yesterday, without even messaging me beforehand, a buyer assumed I have an Amazon Prime account (which I do but have never mentioned on Fiverr.) He paid me $10 to purchase his product and to leave a 5 star review. Being annoyed, I asked why he assumed I would do that and if he actually thought that was legal. He replied that 80% of the amazon reviews he has were purchased.
My response?
"Oh, so if it’s legal, I guess you won’t mind that I inform Amazon of your antics since you have wasted by time and are causing a cancellation."
I got on the phone and spent about 10 minutes giving Amazon all of the details. It took up time when I could have been doing other things, but I was so annoyed and it felt like the right thing to do. Being an amazon shopper myself, the thought of paid reviews with verified purchases is disgusting.
I think Fiverr really needs to crack down on these fake reviews.

alliemadison12 said: He paid me $10 to purchase his product and to leave a 5 star review.

I don’t mind giving an honest review if they pay me to purchase the product or give me a code to get the product for free. I recently had someone place an order and give me a code which said I would receive the item for free. The estimated delivery time wasn’t within the parameters of the gig, so I asked the buyer how I was supposed to get the product in time to honestly review it. He told me that I wouldn’t actually receive the item! I expect Customer Service to ensure this buyer’s scam doesn’t count against me after I cancelled the order and the buyer failed to accept the cancellation.

alliemadison12 said: "Oh, so if it's legal, I guess you won't mind that I inform Amazon of your antics since you have wasted by time and are causing a cancellation."
I got on the phone and spent about 10 minutes giving Amazon all of the details. It took up time when I could have been doing other things, but I was so annoyed and it felt like the right thing to do.

I am tempted to put in my gig description that if they order my gig expecting me to review a product sight unseen, that I will report them to Amazon for perpetuating fraud.