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Buyers immediately open a dispute on delivery

so i run a pretty successful design gig. i rotate my gigs and recently i do face portraits and i have an excellent record, multiple repeat buyers etc. recently however ive had a spate of terrible experiences where the “buyer” gives me a brief, i match it perfectly, then they just open a dispute saying i cant do it, and that no amount of revisions will change anything, DESPITE me clearly offering revisions and having all round good communication. Last time i opened a ticket with fiverr they sided with the buyer and just said they “understood my frustrations”, despite the buyer threatening to give me a negative review on previous work if i didnt accept. the buyer even uses the work i did for them as their profile pic ffs…

why doesnt fiverr punish buyers for doing this? i no longer want to accept work from buyers who dispute frequently, and also from accounts that have no reviews. to me that implies they may have done this many times in the past. the amount of times a buyer does this should be visible on their profile, and i should have the right to refuse orders from them before they make the order.

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