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Buyer's Inaccurate Review

I encountered a Buyer and that he wanted a cartoon avatar in Basic Package (simple detail cartoon)
Everything went smooth, until I delivered the order, He then requested a revision saying that the cartoon is too basic and I should add more details, I explained to him that the package he ordered is Basic Package and scope of the order is only upto simple details. He accepted the ordered and I thought he understood my explanation.

He then left a feedback all on ONE star, even on SERVICE AS DESCRIBE. the review saying “low quality stuff” that’s it, no information why. This made me really upset as I clearly delivered the Service as it is Described on the gig and his feedback is 1 star on Service as describe which is completely untrue, I accept negative review as long as it is fair and true but this one is inaccurate

Is there anyway to resolve this?
I’m getting really anxious and upset right now


This happens to me also. Two months before, Buyer said he can’t download delivered file. I tried number of methods by changing cloud storages. I shared downloading explainer video also. After two days he accepted delivery and left a feedback all on ONE star.

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There have been some changes to the ToS recently regarding your issue, but to my knowledge it’s always been possible to contest a review with CS and have it deleted if it is inaccurate, “vehemently written” or is just plain falsehood.

You are a Level 2 seller who’s had a spotless track record so far, which means the odds may be in your favour. Personally, I’d tell you: kindly ask Support to check out the order, do not try to escalate the situation and keep it professional with your tone to avoid any risks.

(P.S.: the forum doesn’t allow name/username/region/country-calling so you’ll need to edit your post).

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered something that ended up not meeting your expectations?

If so, you must know that other people in that same restaurant, ordering the same thing probably like it more than you.

What I’m getting at is that possibly the Buyer had higher expectations or has a different view of what “perfection” is compared to your definition.

It happens.

Take the ONE STAR review as a sign that not everyone is going to be blown away with your work.

The upside here is that you should see less of those kinds of Buyers and more of the ones that you do impress.

It’ll work out.


I have sent a ticket to Fiverr CS and I hope they would be able to help me

I edited the post, Than you for reminding :slight_smile:

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I completely understand that not anyone would be blown away by my work and I accept negative reviews and learn from it , but in this case, the client went to a restaurant and he ordered an ice cream then complained why he received ice cream instead of steak.

but if there’s I can do about it, I’d just move on, look forward and keep going

You have got lots of five stars review to cushion that crap, remember to reply to his review below.

I got an order that asks me to do a business plan and specifically told me not to touch his financial forecast… I corrected his financials and now he’s threatening me to do one for him. I even got his response saying “The business plan is well written”… but “you must do my finance”. I’m pondering as well if he will give me a one-star review. I submitted a ticket and am hoping CS will interfere somewhat.

Wishful thinking. I know.

I did a ■■■■■■ up version of finance for him. Hopefully, he can just STFU. He couldn’t accept that his idea is not profitable, so I’ll give him an illusion.

I really do hope it’s gets buried underneath and be long forgotten.

That must be really annoying on your side as you just want a better result for your client :confused:
and the client using his star feedback to threaten you is not fair, I hope CS could help you

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Did you not realize that you can respond to his review and if you put something well considered like:

I am very sorry that you were not happy with the basic nature of the drawing. When we discussed that, I did offer you the option to upgrade from the Basic Pack you chose.

Baa Ya! Good people know he was being a pingleplonk


Perfectly explained,

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That should’ve been a great response for him, I should’ve let myself cool down first after reading his feedback to think of a good response at that moment, Thank you!

There is an art in learning to hold your water so you can control where & how it gets sprayed :wink:

I am not always great at it but if I put myself in the shoes of someone else - like how I look at your situation - it gets easier.

With a good response that 1-Star becomes an asset as it shows scuzzy people that yuu are no pushover and good people that you have boundaries & honor.



Sorry you had to go through that. It’s impossible to please everyone on the platform, but one star seems too far if you delivered what was described in the gig.

I think your work is great! But perhaps you could consider for future use, maybe buyers will have a better picture of the differences of your packages you could place a label on your photos saying basic = $10, standard and so on. That way if worse comes to worst and you have to deal with CS, you can show that not only is it in the description of your packages but there is an actual sample photo of what basic package looks like… Stronger argument and defense from your end…

You have a lot of great reviews, you’ll get back on track! :slight_smile:


There are some buyer who is act in a stupidity way. It’s a very bad experience for any seller who is facing such.:slightly_frowning_face:

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But perhaps you could consider for future use, maybe buyers will have a better picture of the differences of your packages you could place a label on your photos saying basic = $10

This is really helpful! Thank you for the tip will absolutely do this one, and for the motivation :smiley:

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I end up getting a 2.3 rating from the him :unamused:

I did give him a 1* rating before that. It hurts me more than him. Doing a good job is a problem, sometimes 🤦

It’s the structure of the platform. Negative reviews of a buyer at best serve as a potential warning to other sellers but it doesn’t do anything else. A buyer with 100 one star reviews can still place orders with whomever they want. I’m not even sure if there is an active seller on the platform with 100 one star reviews; perhaps some insanely successful seller with over 10000 orders maybe…

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