Buyers infringement


Hi, everyone. I currently have a problem and i don’t know if any seller here has faced the same problem or has being in the same situation. Okay here’s what happened between me and the buyer.

A buyer contacted me about a gig i offered and we started talking. So we agreed on everything, there was no problem. So we concluded on everything then the buyer asked me the method i was going to use to complete his job before he pays then i listed all the steps (MY METHOD) i used for other client.

Next thing i knew was that the buyer used the method i listed to open buyers request WORD FOR WORD ( COPY AND PASTE) everything in his request. When i saw the request i contacted the buyer and he didn’t respond even when he was online. THIS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL thing to do, i’m very annoyed at the buyers action. I feel my method was supposed to be confidenital and this an abuse on my intellectual property (MY METHODs). What action do i take against this buyer.


Why did you tell him? You gave him too much information before he paid for a gig.

You don’t have to tell someone who has not even purchased a gig from you everything you do.


Yeah, that has happened to me.
The buyer is just looking for a better price for the project. Chances are they will end up getting some incompetent fool to try do it and fail.

Just take the lesson and move on from it. Magicians don’t reveal their tricks, sellers don’t reveal their whole process.


I’ve learnt from this process… I won’t try it next time. @misscrystal thank you for your reply.


@misscrystal this a two way thing. What happens if the buyer places the order and after you’ve told him your methods goes to cancel the order and uses the method listed out for buyers request.


@eoinfinnegan this a lesson for me. Thanks for your reply.


I would refuse to cancel it.


@misscrystal Okay i understnad now.