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Buyer's intentionally harassment

Hi dear fiverr user,
This is Sunzida. I got an order from a buyer for a specific task. I have sent the delivery within time frame.
But after receiving the delivery he asked me to cancel the order and request unnecessary revision without any issue. And don’t write that, which modification is needed for him/her.

I have already taken help from fiverr customer support. but they asked me to negotiation with buyer for solve this issue.

But, I think as fiverr is one of the big market place, so fiverr has need a team to justify legality and should follow all the conversation and work delivery as they can find out who is legal. And support him/her whatever he/she is buyer or seller here.

Please let me know what can I do now.

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Sometimes it’s best to cancel then rather risking the transaction being completed and then receiving a negative review. You will find some dishonest buyers like this and I know first hand how annoying it can be… don’t work yourself up over it and risk your gig. Cancel it and then block the buyer from ordering again. To do this go to you messages and in the bottom right corner it will say “report” then click “The user’s behavior was inappropriate” then click “I don’t want to receive messages from this user”

But our hard labor value…???
I think fiverr can take initiative about this problem as it happen regular basis. They can justify who is legal.

If you are established on Fiverr then you can take the hit of one bad review and move on. If you are not, then there is a decision to make.

But the buyer don’t receive my delivery. he/she asked me for modification again and again and there is no instruction about the modify work.