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Buyers Inventing the Rules


I have a gig where I offer to write a 300 word article within 24 hours. So, I get a whole bunch of orders from this one buyer and they want me to deliver 600 word articles within 2 hours. They didn’t even purchase enough gigs to supplement the additional length of the articles that they wanted. Unbelievable.


You might not be looking for advice with this post, but I would definitely cancel the orders and maybe even send him a message that says he needs to please read your gig description before ordering, and that you would be happy to work for him, if he would order the correct amount of words, etc.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I already did all that. This was just a ranting post because I sure have plenty to rant about lately on this site. The thing that worries me is how these cancellations are affecting my account. It’s not my fault that the buyers carelessly place orders and discuss nothing with me first. I never wanted to spell out so many specific terms and conditions in my gig description because I didn’t want to sound too aggressive. I figured buyers would have enough common sense to understand these things. But, I guess I have no choice now.


russflex said: how these cancellations are affecting my account

Cancelling the order(s) before they've gone late won't affect your rating.


Reply to @celticmoon: I thought they only didn’t affect you if the buyer agreed to the mutual cancellation. If the cancellation just runs its three-day course, I thought it still was a negative mark against you.


Reply to @russflex: Just covering the bases.


Reply to @emasonwrites: I think you’re right. The statement from CS about this isn’t totally clear to me: “Unanswered mutual cancellation requests do affect the cancellation ration”. They don’t say if this is true when the request comes from the buyer, the seller or either one, but as it is, it does seem to mean that the seller gets the negative blotch no matter what, in any situation except a mutually-agreed-upon cancellation.


Reply to @celticmoon: That wouldn’t make sense to penalize the seller if the buyer doesn’t respond. That just proves the seller’s case even more. I think if you receive negative feedback from a buyer and try to cancel, a three day waiting period will make you lose the money while keeping the negative feedback. But before any feedback is left, it shouldn’t matter.

I once had a buyer purchase one of my tip gigs because he was leaving me a tip for another transaction I did for him. After he placed the order, he suddenly disappeared while never activating that order with a comment. So, I ended up cancelling the order from a three day wait. I hope that didn’t affect anything.


Reply to @kjblynx: That’s ridiculous. I’m getting CS on this because I don’t deserve to be penalized.


Reply to @kjblynx: seriously? I’m really surprised and, honestly, I don’t like this…


Reply to @kjblynx: Are you sure about that?

So if I ask for a mutual cancellation and buyer doesn’t accept in 3 days I will get issues?


Reply to @russflex: I’ve learned the hard way that I had to spell out specific terms and conditions. And some buyers still don’t get it.


Yep cancellation ratio goes up if the buyer lets the time run out. Recently had an order that was against fiverr terms, CS informed me if the buyer won’t agree to change the order i have to cancel. So i did and the buyer let the time run out and my cancellation ratio went up by 7%. I also cancelled another gig after a month of trying to get the buyer to submit the required information, this was an extra fast order so most likely something happened to the buyer and it would be wrong of me to keep their funds tied up. Eventually i cancelled and my cancellation ratio went up to 15% as the buyer let the time run out.

I consider this an epic flaw in the system!

catwriter said: I've learned the hard way that I had to spell out specific terms and conditions.

And what I hate most about that is that we're not allowed enough character space in the gig description to cover everything. When I had my book trailer gig, I had to keep editing and editing and editing to try to get every nitpicky little loophole in there that buyers tried to take advantage of. Got really annoying really fast.