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Buyers, is this enough for new seller?


I am really excited that I am here reading all your amazing posts with useful information and suggestions. Thank you for sharing it!!! I am learning from everyone here.
As every new seller I am wondering are my gigs enough. I know that you all are very busy but any kind of your feedback is more then welcome. Actually it will make my whole week!!! If not thank you again since you took time to read it


Hey duh,
There is something in your profile written: "more than 25 years of experience"
Yet in your profile picture you look like 20…
Either you are 40 and look like 20 (in that case I would ask you how you do! :princess:) or you made a mistake in counting your years of experience… buyers may get confused by reading this…


Hi. It has been a pleasure looking at your profile. but I’d like to ask one thing. When you say “25 years of experience”, do you mean life experience or breathing experience?
You may not mention that experience there. Some people here are having more than 50 years of experience in that case. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello wuerz123 :slight_smile: that is great compliment!!! I am almost 40 and I do have 25 years of experience in mentioned fields
Many people ask me how I manage to look like this.I am vegetarian all my life maybe that is the reason why


saad_nagi :slight_smile: wow I am flattered!!!
I may post a gig how to manage to keep my look this way. If that is confusing for people I may change with 20 years of experience instead
Thanks again


So the only comment was about the age :slight_smile: Does anyone has any other suggestions/comments?


Wonderful reply and actually a great idea about making that GIG up :wink: