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Buyers just saying hi

Hi, I am a level 2 seller with more than 200 completed orders. Recently, I had quite a lot of buyers contacting me - just saying “Hi, how are you?” and nothing else. I never hear from them again.

Is this strange, or is it just me? :smiley: Has anyone else had the same experience?

Recently, I did not reply to such a message and subsequently, my response rate dropped. I was penalized for not answering - so I was just wondering: could it be that people are trying to get the ratings of others down? Conspiracy theorist, haha.

What I took from this is ALWAYS to reply, no matter how lame the message may be. If they say ‘hi,’ I say hi.

Or, what do you think?
Have a great day.


Am I the only one who finds this funny :rofl: :

Your buyers are chivalrous :rofl:

On a more serious note, do you follow up on the conversation?


Buyer: hi
You: hello, how may I help you or how are you today?

Try following up with the buyer and see if it gets you any where.

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I just respond “Hi, how can I help you?” to them. Sometimes, I get a nice order, sometimes not. Nothing special.


They way Fiverr is presenting the messaging tool to buyers, especially those who use the mobile app, it makes it appear as if this is a chat room and they need to send a “hello” and then wait for a response, instead of sending a more complete message with their request.

And yes not responding within 24 hours to the 1st message initiated by a buyer who has never contacted you before, will lower your response rate.


I think you can reply them , because it’s not hard for you to say Hi or ? :slight_smile:


@frank_d could be correct about the way the messaging system works, but I do not doubt your conspiracy theory either. :wink:

@lilychinadancer, Hello :wave:t2:, long time no see!

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HI, nice to see you again. I plan to come to the forum often , maybe someone here in the forum want to order my gig after see my profile ,haha … :grin:

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This has happened to me so often, since maybe a month into selling on Fiverr, that I have a pre-made reply for them: “Hi, are you interested in ordering my gig?”

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Yes , I have had the same thing. Just reply “Do you have a whatever for me to look at?”
Never hear back. They are usually new buyers with obscure names like nobody123


Same! Last month, I got a few of these odd enquiries and never had any before. It was very strange… struck me as a set of chatters thinking it was ‘a certain type’ of internet chat room. I did respond to two out of four, was quite friendly in my reply and I asked if I could assist them and whether they had a ‘whatever’ for me to look at.

No reply whatsoever! So, the next two dodgy inquiries arrived and I marked them as spam. And my response rate plummeted from 95% to 88%. Great. From now on, it seems I will spend my day just saying hi to random chatters!

Say “Hi, How May I Help You Today?”. And this will save your response time rate.

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